About Me

I’m Kristin. I’m 31.

I live in Las Vegas and I work in a casino in the race and sports book, which is pretty funny because I don’t even like sports that much. I do, however, like athletes. Bearded athletes with big, muscular arms. And hairy chests. Yeah.

I am sort of a crazy cat lady. I have 5 cats, which I know is a lot but I swear I never meant to end up with so many. I am a sucker for sad, homeless kitties, okay? I found three of them when they were only a few days old. It’s interesting bottle-feeding three tiny kittens. Did you know that kittens don’t pee or poo on their own and that you have to “stimulate” them in order to get them to do it? Now you do! It was really hard and I thought I’d never get to sleep normally ever again, but I was wrong. They are super cute, though. They think I’m their mommy.

I have a terrible addiction to lip gloss and always have.

I hate zombies, tornadoes, peas, and things touching my eyeballs. I wish I could get over the last thing because I would love to wear contacts or get lasik, but for now I’m stuck with glasses. I recently discovered that I like mushrooms, which is weird because I always thought that only old people liked mushrooms. Either I was wrong or I’m getting old. (I’m probably just getting old.)

I’m pretty awesome.

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