Hi friends!!!1

I AM STILL ALIVE. I just have nothing of interest to write!!

Last time I posted I wrote about how I was transferring to a different property. It turned out to be a really good decision for a couple of reasons. One, I am no longer surrounded by terrible people. My coworkers at the last property were just awful, selfish people. I like the majority of my coworkers now. Two, I work the day shift. This is a miracle because people basically have to die in order for someone to get the day shift in the casino industry. When I started at the new property, the guy ahead of me in seniority for some reason did not want the day shift. Then he quit so I was first in seniority for my job classification which guaranteed it for me (if he stuck around he could have switched to days if he wanted). Three, it’s a bigger, nicer property. I no longer work in a dirt-filled cave! That’s what the old property felt like, okay?! Also good is that the manager that hired me at the new property left after a few months and my old boss (who I really get along with) transferred to where I am now.

So that’s good. Also good is that I started taking medication for the panic disorder I developed last year. I was basically living my life living in fear of having another panic attack, which is really no way to live at all. I was miserable. I had my worst panic attack I’ve ever had a few days after Christmas and was finally like, okay, I need help. I saw a new doctor (since my old one left and no one told me) and she prescribed me Celexa. It took a few weeks to start working so I had a few panic attacks and really bad anxiety days until it kicked in, but now I feel pretty good. It has pretty minimal side effects – the frequent urination seems to have stopped unless I drink Starbucks iced coffee and I can deal with the excessive yawning. The only thing I don’t like is that it makes me grind my teeth bad at night. Even with a night guard I wake up and can barely open my mouth until an hour or so later.

2001 – 2016

🙁 Poor guy developed congestive heart failure. He was having a hard time breathing one night so I took him to the emergency vet, where he stayed overnight. He was okay for a week until I took him to the cardiologist, where I found out that he was developing blood clots. He was having a hard time breathing when I got him home and I knew it was time to say goodbye, especially with the blood clots. I miss him a lot. I had him cremated and put some of his ashes in a heart charm that I wear sometimes. Munch, his bff, didn’t know what to do with himself for awhile, but he’s doing better. I’m getting teary-eyed so I’ll stop talking now.

Anyway, overall, life is better when you’re no longer having panic attacks about absolutely nothing.

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