I’m alive!

I’m alive! Things have been a little crazy for the last couple months, that’s all. I started a different program at a different school (went from a BA psychology program at a four year university to a 1 year certificate program at a community college) and am starting a new job next week. Well, not NEW job, more like the same exact job but at a different property for better hours and slightly more money. The manager of the other property’s sports book emailed me before the job was even posted and said I had done a good job for him in the past (he worked at my current property for a few months a couple years ago) and if I would consider transferring to his property. My first question was what the shift was, because I really don’t want to work til 2-3 am during football season. He said it would be days, and it’s four ten hour shifts like I currently work (or did work until someone went on FMLA), so I was like, YES, PLEASE.

I also had two deaths in the family, one week apart. My aunt died unexpectedly and then my grandma a week later. My sister and dad flew to NY to take care of all that while I stayed home and took care of the house. I took some bereavement time off last weekend so I could go through my grandma’s jewelry and stuff my sister brought back with her. My sister let me have my grandma’s opal ring, which I really appreciate. Opals always reminded me of my grandma and now I have the ring she always wore.

My sister also brought back Esther:


SHE IS SO CREEPY. My sister found her in the attic and I can only imagine how scary that was when it happened. She also brought back my grandpa’s Mason stuff, which was really cool to look at. We love old stuff. Even Esther, even though I swore she moved on her own when I first saw her.

I must go shower since I am going out with my man friend tonight. It’s my turn to pick what to do and I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking sushi (I’m having a craving) and maybe some Netflix/Redbox. I’m boring and I DON’T EVEN CARE.

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