Just checked the weather and the forecast says it might snow tonight! Looks like I will have to put on a pair of leggings under my jeans for my walk to the bus stop tomorrow. It’s only about 15ish minutes away but man it is miserable when it is cold and windy. Good thing I found a cute purple pea coat in the garage (it belonged to my sister at one point, no idea how it ended up in the garage) and got it dry cleaned. I also got a really cute purple and pink Betsey Johnson scarf for Christmas. I should really invest in a hat or earmuffs or something for when it gets really cold and windy out. Too bad I’m really not a hat person.

My sister got me nearly every cat t-shirt she could find at Walmart for Christmas so I’ve been wearing those with the old man sweater I got at Savers. It’s Avenue brand and suuuuuper soft and cute. Totally old man, though. Plus I got a pair of cat sneakers and bought some cat socks on eBay… man, I’m so cool.

It is hard to type because my right hand is really, really cold. I really need to turn the electric blanket on and get into bed and watch Sons of Anarchy. I love that show so much and I am so sad that it’s over so I am rewatching it.

I think after next semester I don’t qualify for financial aid since I have so many credits. I guess that’s what I get for fucking around while I was getting my associate degree? I wish I knew what I wanted to do. I am seriously rethinking this psychology thing, a bachelor’s degree in psychology is fairly useless (which I suspected but a class I took last semester just confirmed it) and even though I really want a BA just for me, it seems dumb to spend like 10k on something that I can’t even use (despite the fact that a BA is a BA). I don’t know. I am taking an Excel class that starts in January. Work is paying for that. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. PLEASE ADVISE. I hate my job and I hate the fact that I don’t know what the hell I want to do with my life and it takes a lot of energy not to throw myself on the floor constantly in fits of despair.

Now I’m sad and have nothing else to say. 🙁

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