I AM ALIVE! It’s been awhile since I posted. I HAVE BEEN A BUSY WOMAN. Okay, not really. I spent a lot of the last few months watching Netflix and reading books.

Guess what tomorrow is?! THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Yes, I, Kristin, the coolest girl in the whole wide world, have enrolled in a university in order to get my BA. SO EXCITING. I did some research on schools that had online degrees with low tuition and I found one in Kansas. I am now a student at Fort Hays State University!! It feels so nice to have finally made a decision, even if I still question it each and every day.

What is my major, you ask? PSYCHOLOGY. What am I going to do with that degree? NO IDEA. I’ve actually looked into grad school just to see if it is even a possibility. I just really want to get my bachelors degree and the only way I’ll finish is if I study something I love. And you know what I love? PSYCHOLOGY. You know what I hate even though I think I should major in it? BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Oh well.

I actually finished one of the assignments for my abnormal psychology class already. I’m pretty gung-ho about this whole thing.

So. Busy busy. I interviewed for a new job on Wednesday and I’m not sure I’m going to accept the position if I’m offered. It’s in a whole different department, which would be nice, and it’s a clerical sort of job which I think I would be really good at, but it is a paycut. And also at the interview the financial controller I was interviewing with said I would have to travel to other properties to help with inventory (the job is for an inventory control clerk) and since I don’t drive I would not be able to do that. I sent him an email withdrawing my application and thanking him for taking the time to interview me and explained that I don’t drive and wouldn’t be able to fulfill the travel requirements of the job. He emailed back saying there was no travel so I was like wtf? BUT YOU SAID I WOULD HAVE TO GO TO OTHER PROPERTIES ONCE A MONTH. He hasn’t emailed me back yet, probably since that was the weekend. I desperately want out of the sports book but taking a $2 paycut seems really stupid. I DON’T KNOW. I’m getting all anxious just typing about it. Did you know my face turns red and hot right before I have a panic attack? THAT’S WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. I WILL CONTINUE TO TYPE IN ORDER TO DISTRACT MYSELF.

You know what else makes my face turn red and hot? Being hit on. The cute security guard I flirt with at work got all close to me the other day and I got all red afterwards my coworker was like “hey, you know what your face looks like?” as he held up a red marker. UGH. There’s actually a surgery for excessive facial blushing but after googling it it seems like a really terrible idea. Because, you know, DEATH AND ALL THAT. It would be nice not to get all red whenever I’m upset or embarrassed or being hit on.

I have become the sort of person that collects cat figurines. Yes. Yes. SO SAD. I went to Boulder City for the first time last weekend (it’s only like 15 minutes away from my sister’s house and we went because we love antique and thrift stores) and got a whole bunch of cat statues and figurines and planters at the antique stores there. Then the last time I went to Utah I got a set of cat kitchen things (sugar bowl, salt and pepper shaker, cream pitcher) and a siamese cat figurine. I should take pictures of my awesome collection. I’ve also started making lavender sachets. I’ve loved lavender ever since I was young (which was like 399393 years ago because I’m going to turn 30 soon, FYI) and everything in this house smells like gross cigarettes so I’ve become slightly obsessed with air fresheners and lavender and candles. I got a wax warmer and wax tarts and I have an air freshener in every one of my rooms.

SPEAKING OF MY ROOMS, my sister came over one day and helped me clean out her old bedroom, the room I sometimes refer to as the library. It was half library half… well, let’s just say the library was the place I put things when I didn’t want to deal with them. So she came over and helped me clean and now it is my library and office. Pretty handy since school starts tomorrow and now I have room to put my textbooks. Plus half the table I use as a desk is in front of the window so I put a cat bed there and Five looooves to lay in it and sunbathe. Too bad I discovered one of the cats was peeing against one of my bookshelves so I had to get rid of the shelf and it still smells like cat pee in that spot. So now the room smells like Glade plugin, cat pee, blackberry plum wax tart, and Target fabric refresher spray (which I do not recommend as it is not nearly as good as Febreze, but at least it smells better than cat pee).

Seriously, I can’t stress how obsessed I am with nice-smelling things right now. The Glade plugins don’t last nearly as long as Bath and Body Works Wallflowers, though. I feel dumb for buying so many Wallflowers because they are sort of pricey, but they seem to be worth it compared to the Glade plugins. Sooo many nice smells, except for the one I just had in my bedroom that ended up spelling like men’s cologne. It was still nearly full and I hate to waste things so I put it in the bathroom. I also bought a bunch of candles. Eucalyptus Mint, Heirloom Pumpkin (for fall, which is slowly creeping up on us), FRENCH LAVENDER OMG YUM, and Watermelon Lemonade. Plus Bath and Body Works sent me an email today and was like “hey, here’s $10 off AND free shipping, BUY SOME STUFF” and I was like “OKAY FINE” and got some new Wallflowers for fall. Vanilla Chai, Pumpkin Cupcakes, mmmm.

I should go and take pictures of my cat statues so you can all see how awesome (and by awesome I mean pathetic) I am.

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