I’m alive!

I’m alive! For now, anyway. My allergies are sort of killing me right now. I thought I had strep throat because my throat hurt THAT bad, but the urgent care doctor (who was kind of a jerk and said it didn’t look like my throat hurt) said it was an upper respiratory infection/cold/whatever. I called in sick last Saturday so I could get better before vacation, and it sort of worked. My sore throat/earache went away and was replaced with the ITCHIEST THROAT EVER and the terrible cough that accompanies that. I actually coughed so hard the other day I threw up in the sink. Now I have the itchy throat and cough and face pain because of sinus pressure. And of course my nose is a little sniffley, but then again it always is.

SO! I went to Disneyland and California Adventure last week. I hadn’t been in forever and it was pretty fun. The first day we went to Disneyland and it was pretty good at first, but then it got really hot and crowded and by the time 3pm came I was just done. California Adventure was way more fun, I ended up wearing yoga pants instead of jeans (despite swearing I would never wear them in public EVER) and that definitely helped with the heat. Plus the rides were a lot more fun, in my opinion. It was a lot less crowded too. Between FastPass, single rider lines, and my dad’s handicap pass, we only waited like, 15 minutes max on a single ride. I LOVED Tower of Terror. The best part was I knew what the ride was like, but I didn’t think the drop came when it did. If there was a camera on my face when it happened you would probably pee yourself laughing at the picture. We went on it once and immediately got back on. Rode that three times, California Screamin’ three times, the Goofy rollercoaster twice, and the Cars ride twice. Plus a couple of the other ones but the first two were definitely the most fun.

Work has started a weight loss contest. FOR MONEY. Last time the prizes were gift cards and random shit (I once got a silicone baking pan if that’s any indication of how shitty the prizes can be) but now it’s for COLD HARD CASH. I asked today at the weigh in and the HR lady said the pots were at least $500, so that definitely motivated me. I definitely need to get back on track with the weight loss, I think I’ve gained a couple of pounds back. Not TOO many (I think about 5) but I definitely needed something to jump start my motivation again. Money works for me. Also, I’m more competitive than I think. I always say “oh I’m not really a competitive person” but then faced with a competition I’m all “I’M GONNA KICK YER ASS”. Depends on the competition, really. I know I’m capable of some serious weight loss so that helps. I think having lost the 60 pounds definitely helped me at Disneyland last week. Between wearing good shoes and having lost the weight, my feet barely hurt at all and I had no trouble with rides.

I’m pretty proud of myself for being really serious about wearing sunscreen last week. I’m the type of person that puts some on and then is like “oh I’ll be fine for the next six hours of blistering, burning sunlight” and then when I get burned I’m like “…stupid.” I should have applied some more at the end of the day because I did get a little red on my chest when we sat and watched the parade at California Adventure, but nothing too bad. It didn’t hurt at all, anyway. Honestly, I was way better than I usually am. Now if only the kind I used on my face didn’t make me break out… I got the Sephora sun skincare kit and it came with 393934934 samples of sunscreen so I’m hoping to find one that I like. I’m almost 30 and I should’ve started taking better care of my skin a long time ago. I AM SO OLD.

I REALLY don’t want to go back to work on Wednesday. After having the last 11 days off, I am absolutely dreading it. I mean, I usually dread it anyway but now I’m REALLY dreading it. I really want to quit but I don’t have another job lined up, plus I’m taking some classes that work is paying for and if I quit now they won’t reimburse me for them. It says I have to stay there for a year afterward or I have to pay them back but would they really take the money? I work for a shitty company so I would not be shocked if they didn’t even realize it.

Also going out of town this weekend. Well, Monday. It’s ultimate BSF road trip weekend! We have a show on Saturday night (50 Shades! The Musical), one on Monday night in Utah (The Little Mermaid), and then back to Vegas for Book of Mormon. I’m pretty excited.

I took a three hour nap and I’m still tired. I love naps but hate how groggy they make me.

…yep. That’s about it.

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