-56.8 pounds!

Down 56.8 pounds! I can round that up to 57, right? I was really good yesterday (Super Bowl Sunday) despite being at the satellite betting station, which was at the Super Bowl party in the casino I work at. I was literally sitting at a table facing all the free food for about 5 hours. I resisted all the burgers and pulled pork sandwiches and onion rings and chicken fingers and stuck with carrot and celery sticks, some ranch dressing, and some cheese cubes. Had some popcorn too, and a few bites of my boss’s homemade cheesecake. I ended up getting a terrible stomachache afterward so I didn’t eat dinner and that probably contributed to the 2.5 pound weight loss I had this week.

Being less fat is really the greatest thing. When I stay at my sister’s place, she gives me a tiny little towel instead of a huge bath towel like I’m used to but I’ve been amazed the last few times because the towel actually WRAPS ALL THE WAY AROUND ME NOW. And I fit into booths at restaurants way better now, especially the Mexican place I like to get breakfast burritos from. It was a really tight fit 57 pounds ago. I’m still pretty fat (still in size 22 pants, 2x tops) but it is soooo nice to be down all that weight. The best part is when people notice I’ve lost weight. I was dying for someone to finally notice and in the last few weeks 4 different people have said something to me about it. BEST FEELING EVER. I really didn’t mean for this blog to turn into a weight loss blog because that is BOOOORING but I cannot stress enough how good losing weight feels.

I am tired despite taking a two hour nap today. I napped and did my taxes, am I totally productive or what?

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