Let It Go

I haven’t seen Frozen (but I SHOULD) but the song Let It Go popped up on my favourite Pandora station and now I can’t stop listening to it. I really love Spotify, I can listen to whatever the hell I want without buying/pirating it. I’m pretty lazy so any time I can get something instantly I’m all for it.

Down 4 more pounds! I’m behind on my 75 pounds lost before the end of the year goal but I’m okay with that. I continually make bad decisions regarding food (not necessarily what I eat, just being dumb and only eating twice a day and/or not eating for like 16 hours straight) so I’m not surprised I haven’t lost more. I am not a smart woman sometimes.

My throat is insanely itchy lately (allergies, I think) and I’m currently sucking on some glacier mint flavoured Ricolas. They’re much better and less menthol-y than the other ones I have but they have this weird liquid center that is unpleasant. At least my throat is not as itchy? I was up for ages last night because I couldn’t stop coughing. Even a humidifier is not helping me. I guess that’s my punishment for making out with someone outside for a few hours. However… I REGRET NOTHING. I really want to go into more details about that but I won’t because what if he found this and realized that I am a crazy person? I try to contain the crazy until I’ve seduced them and it’s too late and they’re stuck with me. I’M KIDDING. Mostly.

I am in love with New Girl. I want to be Zooey Deschanel. I want her hair. I want her clothes. I want her adorable quirkiness.

I just ate like six pounds of sugar which might explain why none of this makes sense. I made today a cheat day because I’m sort of emotional today and I really just want to eat my emotions. I’m that kind of girl.

I’m gonna go watch some more New Girl and try not to eat any more Oreos.

Bonus picture of me in a UFO! Who knew that losing 55 pounds would make me not hate the way I look in pictures?


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