FIFTY POUNDS! I survived BSF weekend (where I’m pretty sure I ate an entire bag of goldfish crackers all by myself) and managed to finally lose 50 pounds. I’m not really sure how but I have weighed 3 pounds heavier ever since Thursday (today being the exception, the scale only said I was 2 pounds heavier than my lowest weight). I haven’t had a cheat day since BSF weekend. Not even Thanksgiving! I think it was a mix of me eating really late on Thanksgiving (I scarfed down dinner at like midnight since I was at work all day) and Walgreens screwing up my birth control prescription (AGAIN) so I ended up taking it a few days late. Good thing I don’t take it for the actual intended purpose? I don’t know why I ever stopped taking the pill for the few years I went off it. I take it to skip periods but it makes my periods lighter, I have less cramps, my boobs don’t hurt, and my skin (on my back, gross, I know) clears up.

ANYWAY, BSF weekend was fun. Forever 21 had nothing good which was a disappointment but oh well. I did get a cute shirt for work at Nordstrom Rack. We baked sugar cookies and made a gingerbread village and decorated for Christmas. And we took pictures for Christmas. We send them to my aunt and grandma as Christmas presents. They are awesome. We are wearing matching cat sweaters in them! Here is one even though I cropped my sister out of it because I’m not sure how she feels about being on my blog (where she can be viewed by hundreds of Russians because they are the only ones who ever come here):


Yes, I’m wearing a cat sweater and also holding a cat. Whenever I see this picture I sing the song “The Coolest Girl” from A Very Potter Sequel in my head. If you haven’t seen it, the song is sung by Hermione, if that helps you understand at all. I’m hilarious. AND THE COOLEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Plz someone give me money so I can have surgery on my double chin.

I am freezing cold. That is all.

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