45 pounds! I’ve been stuck there for the last two weeks because I am dumb and ate ALL TEH THINGS for my birthday. I regret nothing. Okay, that’s a lie. I regret eating like three pieces of cake in one day. My stomach did not feel good the next day. I changed my calorie allowance to 1440 yesterday. I was at 1200 and it was okay for awhile but all of a sudden it got to be way too hard. That means my weight loss goal went from 2 pounds a week to 1.5 but I’m okay with that. The extra 240 calories a day makes a big difference. I think a lot of it is mental, I don’t necessarily want to eat the calories, I just like knowing that I CAN. I get way too stressed out over what I’m going to eat or how many calories I have left, and I get too cranky with myself if I go over.

I’m also trying to exercise more. I got a couple Biggest Loser exercises DVDs on Amazon and I really like them. I usually just walk but that gets boring (and scary since I do it at night and there are kidnappers/bugs outside) and with the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD I get some arm and ab work in. I have poor decision making skills so the first time I did one of the DVDs I decided not to wear shoes. BIG MISTAKE. I kept slipping and sliding and the next day my legs hurt SO bad I could barely walk. Learned my lesson and I’ve started wearing shoes.

I keep trying to tell myself that weight loss isn’t going to happen overnight and I’m only human and will have bad weeks. I used to really beat myself up on weeks that I didn’t lose any weight.


We start 4 tens at work next week! I didn’t think that would actually happen EVER. My co-worker is going out of town that week so my schedule is all sorts of fucked up (I have Monday, Friday, and Sunday off instead of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday like I’m supposed to) but I shall survive. Next weekend is BSF weekend and we are going to see Evil Dead the Musical on Saturday night. And my sister is taking Tuesday off so we have DOUBLE BONUS BSF weekend. HOW EXCITING. I know you’re excited for my shopping recap.

I just got distracted by Reddit so I think it’s time for me to go.

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