35 pounds down!

I have lost 35 pounds! I try not to look at all the weight I need to lose (it’s way too much and pretty depressing) so I try to think of my weight loss goal in 5 pound increments, and when I get down to a number that ends in 5 I get pretty excited. Also, I spent a couple of days last week at my sister’s apartment and we made weight loss jars. I saw the idea on Pinterest, it’s basically two jars, one with marbles/whatever that represent the weight you have to lose, and one with the weight you’ve lost. Every time you lose a pound you move a marble over to the weight lost jar. I almost did marbles but my sister suggested pompoms instead. And for some reason I got it into my head that I needed almost 300 pompoms? I don’t know how that happened. Anyway, she had the jars and it cost me $2 for the pompoms and $2 for the stickers to decorate the jars (let’s pretend I only bought two bags of pompoms instead of four because I am dumb). Here is a picture:


Yes, I decorated them like I am a 9 year old girl. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I had a really good time with my sister. We went to Lane Bryant (nothing good on sale, boo!), Nordstrom Rack (one shirt and a sweater), Savers (nothing), Big Lots (hit the Special K jackpot, I got like 5 boxes of their cracker/popcorn chips for $2 each), Family Dollar (pompoms and stickers), Target (no good fat girl clothes but I got a lot of gum and some brownie mix), Payless (BOGO half off, so two pairs of flats for work, one nude and one blue), Salvation Army (nothing, boooo! They got rid of like half their books), the used bookstore at the library (couple of books, including one Stephen King book I seem to be missing), and Forever 21. Forever 21 is probably my new favourite store, okay? I had no idea they had plus-size clothes and I ACTUALLY FIT IN THEM. The biggest size, of course, but I’m positive there’s no way I could have fit into them 30 pounds ago. I got a sweatshirt with a cat face on it, a pair of cat earrings, and four pairs of earrings that look like flowers. I’m amazed that the earrings haven’t caused an allergic reaction or fallen apart yet. The stuff there is SO cheap. The sweatshirt was $20 and the earrings were $2.80 a pair. We baked brownies and went to see The Wizard of Oz and The Producers. We also caught up on Sons of Anarchy because we watched the first episode of season 5 and since I never finished season 3, I was pretty confused. We watched half of season 3 while I was there and I finished the rest up yesterday. Now I’m 2 or 3 episodes into season 4. I love that show. I am really excited for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie because I love me some Charlie Hunnam.

I am currently waiting for the iOS 7 download to finish. I lead a very exciting life.

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