beep boop.

Things that are good:

1. I have lost 30 pounds! Zomg! Either I hit a plateau or I had a few shitty weeks because it took me like three weeks to lose one pound. I was getting annoyed and really buckled down and now the weight is coming off again. Also, I usually don’t worry about counting calories on my days off but yesterday I ended up only going over by 200 calories, which really isn’t too bad. Today, not so good, but wayyyy better than usual.
2. I went to the dentist today and didn’t have any cavities. I do need a crown on one of my teeth where I had a porcelain onlay put on, but I sort of expected that. The last dentist I went to did such a crappy job, I want to punch them in the face. This dentist seems a lot better so far. Also they gave me a pink toothbrush.
3. I went to Target last week and had to check out the clearance clothing like I always do. Got two sweaters for $18 each. I had actually considered buying one when they were full price, so it was nice to get them cheaper. I didn’t have a chance to try them on when I bought them, then second guessed my purchases when I tried them on, then said fuck it and wore them anyway and now I looooove them.
4. Some of my coworkers know I’m trying to lose weight, some don’t. One of them ones who didn’t know asked if I was losing weight. She’s the first person to notice that wasn’t aware I was dieting! SO EXCITED.

Things that are bad:
1. Giving pills to cats is a HUGE pain in the ass. My cat Five (cat five, get it? HAR HAR) is on two antibiotics (one for his sneezing, one for his GI inflammation) and a steroid. He HATES the metronidazole and sometimes it takes me like five tries to get it down his throat. He hates the bitter taste and if I don’t get him to swallow it on the first try, he runs away gagging and drooling. The first night I gave him the pills I tried to wipe the drool off he freaked out and scratched the shit out of my arm. Sigh. Cats.
2. I hate my job. I fantasize about rage quitting and walking out and never having to go back. The solution would be to stick it out while looking for a new job, but that’s where my paralyzing anxiety comes in. It’s so fun to be me!

This whole weight loss thing has been pretty big for me and I am really glad it is giving me something to focus on. I’ve noticed that if I don’t have some sort of goal to work toward, I get really cranky/depressed. Not that dieting is fun or anything, it’s kind of shitty actually, I miss food, but it feels reallllly good to step on the scale and see the numbers go down.

I’m gonna go shower and brush my teeth with this sample of Crest Sensitive Pro-Relief the dentist gave me. I’ve been having sensitivity lately and he thinks it’s because of the super awesome case of eustachian tube dysfunction I have. Did I mention I’m taking a steroid nasal spray for that? I AM SO SEXY, OMG.

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