Things that have happened lately:

1. I lost 15 pounds. That’s pretty cool.
2. I got hit on twice on Monday. Neither of the guys are anyone I’m interested in but it’s nice to know some men find me attractive.
3. I applied to UNLV. I should have waited because I still need to raise my GPA and I don’t know what to major in, but sometimes I do things without thinking. At least applying to college is better than doing something crazy?
4. I bought a Nintendo DS. I had one a few years ago and felt like I wasn’t playing it enough so I sold it on Amazon. I keep seeing posts about Animal Crossing on Reddit and it made me miss playing it, so I bought a pink Nintendo 3DS XL tonight, along with Animal Crossing. I’m not crazy about the fact that I just spent like $240 on a video game system but whatever, I just got a promotion, I deserve a present, RIGHT?!
5. I went to Target on Monday and bought a sweater for $8.
6. I just switched purses and realized I carry around a lot of crap. I had, like, seven pens from work and four packs of gum. I am always misplacing pens at work and whenever I go to the cage at night I grab one and stick it in my purse because I know I’ll need it later.
7. I am addicted to Reddit.

You know what I need to work on? Whenever people annoy me I just want them out of my face. I get super pissed off and irritated and it’s easier for me to give in to whatever they want so they leave me the fuck alone. I NEED TO STOP THIS.

SIGH. Off to bed.

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