Things that are good:

1. I have lost 20 POUNDS. I usually give myself like three cheat days a week (a lot, I know, but somehow it’s working for me) but only gave myself two this week, and on one of those days I didn’t end up eating a whole lot because I didn’t feel great. So yay me! I don’t have a goal and I honestly try not to think about how far I have to go, it’s way too depressing. I just give myself 5 pound goals and I figure every 20 I’ll buy myself something cool as a reward. Nothing expensive, just some lipgloss or something.
2. I’ve had my eye on a sweater at Lane Bryant for about a month now and it just went on sale for $12.99 marked down from $70. They didn’t have it in the size I want (which is a size smaller than I usually wear, their sweaters are kind of on the big side) so I got it in a size bigger but I’m hoping it should be okay. It’s super cute.
3. My job sucks less now. Still sucks, but at least I’m not an anxious mess like I was two weeks ago. One of my co-workers is out on FMLA so I get to open two days a week! Getting up at 6 to be at work at 7:30 super sucks but I get out at 3:30 and that is cool.
4. Got my 3DS and am completely addicted to Animal Crossing. A Facebook friend let me raid her town for fruit and in a few days I should have a bunch more to plant and sell.
5. I get four days off in a row soon! Going to see my sister for the weekend, yay!

Things that are bad:

1. I have yet to be paid the raise I was supposed to be given when I got promoted. I let my boss and HR know but I predict that trying to get the back pay I’m owed will be a huge pain in the ass.
2. I went to urgent care on Monday because my ear was bothering me and it was getting to be too uncomfortable for me to deal with. It felt plugged and just generally uncomfortable for about a month. The doctor said I have congestion in both ears and gave me antibiotics, Mucinex, and prednisone. Prednisone tastes like SHIT, seriously.
3. Also, Walgreens pharmacy is generally terrible. Twice they’ve tried to bill me full price for prescriptions that were covered under my insurance. Easy fix but it annoys me. Then every time I go there’s some pain in the ass at the counter who is having insurance trouble and spends like 15 minutes talking to the pharmacist. I am impatient, did I tell you that? TRUE STORY. Walgreens new loyalty card is pretty awesome, though. I got a delicious candy bar (FOR MY CHEAT DAY) and with the card it was like 50 cents, plus it was on closeout already. It was yummy, I have no regrets.
4. I accidentally fell asleep earlier and woke up super hot and sweaty. 🙁

I am b-o-r-i-n-g. Wish my ear would feel better soon….


Things that have happened lately:

1. I lost 15 pounds. That’s pretty cool.
2. I got hit on twice on Monday. Neither of the guys are anyone I’m interested in but it’s nice to know some men find me attractive.
3. I applied to UNLV. I should have waited because I still need to raise my GPA and I don’t know what to major in, but sometimes I do things without thinking. At least applying to college is better than doing something crazy?
4. I bought a Nintendo DS. I had one a few years ago and felt like I wasn’t playing it enough so I sold it on Amazon. I keep seeing posts about Animal Crossing on Reddit and it made me miss playing it, so I bought a pink Nintendo 3DS XL tonight, along with Animal Crossing. I’m not crazy about the fact that I just spent like $240 on a video game system but whatever, I just got a promotion, I deserve a present, RIGHT?!
5. I went to Target on Monday and bought a sweater for $8.
6. I just switched purses and realized I carry around a lot of crap. I had, like, seven pens from work and four packs of gum. I am always misplacing pens at work and whenever I go to the cage at night I grab one and stick it in my purse because I know I’ll need it later.
7. I am addicted to Reddit.

You know what I need to work on? Whenever people annoy me I just want them out of my face. I get super pissed off and irritated and it’s easier for me to give in to whatever they want so they leave me the fuck alone. I NEED TO STOP THIS.

SIGH. Off to bed.