My new job.

I started my new job two weeks ago. My first night alone I ended up being $17 short somehow. Not a huge deal, but I have this weird need to the best at my job and I was beating myself up over it. The whole perfectionist thing is only job-related, oddly. I’m not nearly as much of an anal neat-freak at home (if you saw my desk right now you’d agree, there’s lipgloss everyyywwheeerree) so I have no idea why at work I’m like “EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT!” It has gotten better since then, thankfully. I still get insanely stressed out at the end of the night. I have a lot of stuff to do and most of it has to be done within the last hour and I just get all crazy and frenzied then. It doesn’t help that most of my coworkers don’t give a shit about their job and have a tendency to screw up or leave shit everywhere and it makes my job harder.

There are two perks about my job, though. One is I get to wear my own clothes (sadly I have to return most of the clothes I ordered from Old Navy, apparently the size I usually wear is meant for six foot tall 500 pound women in Old Navy land). The second is that if there’s an open channel I can put on whatever I want and put it on the TV in the office and watch it while I do my work. Golden Girls reruns ftw!

So, I recently decided I have to do something about my weight or I am going to get diabetes and have my feet chopped off and die. I started counting calories almost a month ago and I have lost 13 pounds. I AM PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT THAT. I still need to watch my sugar, but I think the counting calories thing is a good start. I’ve tried it before and only made it two weeks before I went back to my compulsive over-eating and binge eating habits, so almost a month is amazing to me so far. I give myself one day a week to “cheat” and not count, but even then I still don’t go totally crazy. I went to the buffet with my bff this morning and I feel like I ate a lot less than I normally would have. It helps that my new job has me running around a lot now (okay, by running I mean a lot more standing/walking/rushing around trying to get shit done) and it is helping burn calories.

I got up super early this morning to run an errand and now I am reallllllly tired. Time to go lotion up (my skin is super dry lately, ugh) and take my vitamins and SLEEP.


SO! I had my interview with the big boss today. It was almost a complete disaster. I left work early to go to the interview and on the way there my dad’s car blew a tire. Long story short, I ended up being half an hour late. I called my boss as soon as it happened so he could call the guy I was supposed to interview with to let him know. I apologized a million times as soon as I got there. I absolutely hate being late to anything, and being late for an interview where I hoped I would get a promotion… ugh, the worst.

ANYWAY. The interview went well and as soon as I was on my way out my boss told me I had the job. I GOT A PROMOTION, BITCHES! I started shopping for clothes as soon as I got home, haha. I actually didn’t think I’d buy anything tonight, just shop around a little, but Old Navy and Lane Bryant were having really great sales. I’m really hoping I can get away with wearing dark wash jeans (the Internet says that’s okay for business casual as long as they’re flattering, not ripped/distressed and paired with something appropriate on top, not a t-shirt or anything) because I have a hard time finding dress pants I like in my size (that are cheap too). I think a tank top/cardigan/cute flats combo will be fine. Um… is it sad that I am most excited about not having to wear a uniform anymore?

I wore heels to the interview, what a bad idea. They weren’t even really high heels, I think they’re like 2 inches. Like kitten heels only not as low. Anyway, I am not a heel person and they KILLED my feet. I have blisters. 🙁 I always do that, wear heels and then regret it, yet I never seem to learn my lesson.

BUT YAY ME! Promotions are always nice. No more uniform and a very sad pay raise and a REALLY COOL TITLE. I am now a superwriter instead of a regular old writer. No cape though. 🙁

Fun fact: My cats do not like when I sing to them. Haters.