Maybe next year.

I haven’t 100% decided to go back to school yet (choosing what I want to study would make this much easier but I’m not quite there yet) but I decided to make it way easier for myself if I do go back in the future.

I got my associate degree in 2009. I wasn’t crazy about what I was studying (degree is in IT and I got a certificate of achievement in medical transcription, talk about regrets with that last one) so I just stopped giving a fuck. My GPA is embarrassingly low as a result. I called the UNLV transfer admissions office and asked what the best thing for me to do would be. I have a couple of options. One is to take classes part-time next semester and get a decent GPA. The second is to take enough classes and get good enough grades to raise my GPA. With a little help from a GPA calculator, I can satisfy both of those requirements by taking 2 classes next semester, assuming I get A’s in both. Work has a tuition reimbursement program that would allow me to take 2 classes. So keep your fingers crossed that my boss/his boss approve my request to take Gaming 210: Casino Customer Service, and Gaming 208: Casino Business Strategies. Neither seem particularly thrilling but the classes have to be work related, and if this means I don’t have to pay for the classes myself to boost my GPA… I am so for it. Classes don’t start until August so I have awhile to go, but I feel good that I’m setting myself up for the future (and having work pay for it, ha!)

Still no word on the promotion. It’s been over three weeks now since I applied for it. I guess it’s no big deal if I don’t get it, my co-worker is retiring in July which means his shift will be available, and his shift is pretty sweet. All day shifts with Thursday and Friday off. Way better than my “I have no idea what shift I’ll be working every week, could be day shift or mid shift or closing! IT’S ALWAYS A SURPRISE!” shift with Tuesday and Wednesday off.

I had a four day weekend last week AND this week. I had four vacation days I had to take before June 9th. Last week I spent Sunday and Monday at my sister’s. We did our usual shopping and watching Netflix. This week I just stayed home, I mostly took it off because my mom is out of town and my parents were all worried about who was going to watch the dogs while my dad was at work, etc. I figured since I had some vacation days to use and I had nothing better to do, I’d make it easier on them and stay home with the dogs. Thankfully they’ve been mostly good.

Yeah. I’m boring.