Sorry, Russia.

Remind me to check my website stats in a few days. I just banned Russia from accessing my website. For the last few months I’ve noticed half my hits (okay, who am I kidding, like 90% of my hits) come from Russia and the majority of those try to access my WordPress login, which is a big red flag. No one should be trying to access that but meeeee! Plus I’d like to see if anyone is legitimately reading this or linking me, because right now all I can see are links from Russian websites. And I’m sure that’s where 99% of the spam comments come from.

In other news, my boss wants to promote me. Most people would be super psyched but I’m pretty much just like :/ about it. It’s a dual rate position which means I’d be doing what I do now (and getting paid the same) but also filling in for the supervisors (and getting paid more) when they need a supervisor. I just don’t see the dual rate thing working out because everyone is going to know that I can do supervisor stuff and I feel like they’re going to expect me to do it even when I’m not getting paid as a supervisor. It’s just gonna be “hey Kristin, can you void this ticket for me? You’re right there and no one else is around” even though at that moment I probably wouldn’t be working in a supervisor capacity. I mean, not that voiding a ticket is a big deal, you just type your login and password in, but where will the line be drawn? My boss didn’t seem to offer any helpful advice which was a little frustrating to me. I think I’m going to take it assuming I pass the interview with the director of race and sports for the entire company, even though I’m not feeling 100% enthused about it (obvs). Everyone seems to think it could open more opportunities to me in the future which I guess is true.

I am going to go bake cupcakes and try not to eat half the container of frosting before they’re done.


Um… so my New Year’s resolutions were pretty much a fail. The only one that is even sort of still going was the last one regarding my frenemy. I get the impression he’s getting sort of fed up with work so fingers crossed he finds a new job so I don’t have to see him ever again.

…yes, I know that sounds terrible.

I got my humidifier the day after I ordered it (how awesome is Amazon?!) and I think it’s helping. I was actually feeling a little better the day after I ordered it, so I don’t know if it’s just me getting better or the humidifier. I may have turned it up a little too high yesterday because I woke up a few hours after falling asleep and my pillow was wet. Either way it’s nice to be feeling better.

Allergies suck.

MY ALLERGIES ARE KILLING ME. It started about two weeks ago when I thought I was getting a cold, but it didn’t get any worse like colds usually do. I figured it must be allergies and I’ve been taking medication ever since. My nose is a wee bit stuffy, but it’s mostly my throat that is driving me crazy. I wake up and it’s super dry and hurts, then stops hurting and gets super itchy. I am coughing (a really dry cough) all over the place and my voice is always hoarse now. The coughing is worse at night and I’m getting super annoyed by it so I ended up ordering a humidifier on Amazon last night. I’m hoping that some more moisture means less dry throat which might mean less itch and coughing.

I started doing my taxes a few weeks ago and finally got the last bit of information I needed yesterday. I was a little cranky because I owed $12 at first, then it went up to $27, but I guess I should have been a little more patient and waited to hit the error check button, because now I’m actually getting some money back. Turns out that investing in your 401k means you get a little bit of a refund! It’s not a whole lot of money but still better than owing.

I have to go back to the gynecologist tomorrow. I went a few weeks ago for my annual lady exam and now I have to go back for the results, which I don’t have a good feeling about. The nurse practitioner said she’d send a letter if the exam was normal, and she’d call if it wasn’t, and since I got a call yesterday to come in… yeah, you get the picture. Fingers crossed for me, okay?