*fingers crossed*

I need you to keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? The company Christmas party is next week and I’m hoping that I don’t do anything I regret. Or something I regret WITH someone I regret. The obvious solution here is to not get drunk but, um, what’s the fun in that? Seriously though, it is my goal not to get as drunk as I did last year.

I saw The Addams Family Musical last week and looooved it. Amazon likes to give me free MP3 credits once in awhile and I got two just in time to download One Normal Night and Crazier Than You from the soundtrack. Right now both songs have 15 plays and will only get more because I am listening to them on repeat.

I have been going craaaazy Christmas shopping. PetSmart had cat condos on sale yesterday for 50% off with free shipping. I told my sister I’d get her one when she took my poor bullied cat, so she picked one out and then I got one for my ridiculously spoiled cats. They already have two but I couldn’t pass up a deal like that, especially when the condo in my room isn’t particularly sturdy and it makes me nervous whenever Max launches himself at it and climbs up the side. I’m thinking about moving the one that is currently in my room into the library and putting the new one in here. Then Payless had my favourite moccasins on sale and since my mom wanted slippers for Christmas, I got a bunch of shoes and slippers. Got some cool stuff for my future brother-in-law too. I can say future brother-in-law and mean it because he finally put a ring on my sister’s finger, yay for them! Need to pick up a present for my grandma, aunt, and uncle, and something else for my bff Peter and I’m basically done. Well, sort of. My dad decided he wanted a comforter for his bed and I can’t seem to decide on one. I’m leaning toward Star Wars at the moment.

In other news, you should totally help out my friend Jake. He and his wife are trying to have a baby! Just watch the video, if you don’t get at least a little teary-eyed I think there might be something wrong with you. Watch it here! You’ll notice I haven’t donated yet, but that’s only because the longer I hold out, the longer I have to convince Jake to let me name the baby.

I have the weirdest dreams.

I had a dream last night I was in some sort of theater club and we were fighting over which musical to perform. We couldn’t agree so we just decided to do a bunch of them and somehow join them together. I got to be Maria from West Side Story but I was singing Popular from Wicked. Yeah, I don’t know either. I haven’t even been watching Glee so I don’t know how this happened in my head.

In other news, I had two panic attacks a few days ago. Have you ever had a panic attack? They really super suck, so much I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy (which is weird for me because I spend an abnormal amount of time wishing bad things would happen to people I hate) but thankfully I haven’t had any since then. It started after I put an offer in on a condo and then realized that it wasn’t such a good idea after all. I felt pretty anxious with the other offers too but they didn’t end up in panic attacks. I ended up withdrawing the offer and I feel much better about it. I think I need to put this condo thing off for awhile and get my shit together first, as much as it pains me to say that. I’ve been working on buying my own home for over a year so it’s hard to just put it aside, but I really need to, especially after those panic attacks. I never want one ever ever everrrrrr ever again.

I voted last Wednesday so now I don’t have to go stand in line all day to get my vote in. I went super early, as soon as the polling place opened, so I didn’t have to wait in line at all. That was awesome. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that the election will turn out the way I hope.