Swapping photos and looking for houses.

I am addicted to the app Photoswap. You just take a random picture and you get a random picture back. You can reply to pictures you get. Of course, I get a ton of penises (one thing I learned about working in a sports book is that every guy, no matter his age, is a giant pervert) but I’ve been swapping for the last two weeks with some guy who lives in California. We haven’t said a word to each other but yet I know where he lives, what he does for work, his work schedule, when he walks his dog, what he watches on TV, etc. SO BIZARRE. Really fun, though.

I’ve decided to give in and start looking at houses. Banks are super strict about mortgages on condos and I think it might be a little easier to borrow money on a house. Of course, owning a house is really scary, but to be honest, my ideal home is a house, even though all I can think about is a meteor falling through the roof, or something equally awful. I don’t know the slightest thing about taking care of a house but whatever, I need to move the hell out and now is the best time to buy. I NEED TO BE BRAVE. My grandma gave me some more money too, and that REALLY helps.

I’m beginning to think this class I am taking is a joke. I completely half-assed the last paper but somehow still got 100%? I don’t know. What’s funny is that the first paper I wrote got a 95%, then the effort I put in to each one after that has slowly declined yet my grade has gone up. HMMM.

The amount that I talk and sing to my cats is… embarrassing. Also embarrassing: how I have no self control and do things I know I will later regret.

Time to go finish reading my self-help book on how to stop being addicted to a person. Yes, I am messed up, thank you for noticing.

I have a confession.

I am in love with Taylor Swift’s new song. I DON’T KNOW WHY THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME. I never liked her music until I heard the song Mean, and I only love it because it 100% accurately describes a former friend of mine. THEN I heard her song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, which describes yet again how I feel about the same former friend. And now I am can’t stop listening to I Knew You Were Trouble, which… wait for it… yes, also describes the same relationship. I already know I have issues, so no need to tell me, okay? I’m working on it. …by fervently wishing that person moves far away and never comes back.

In other news, I got 100% on the last paper I wrote for my Race and Sports Book Management class. I am super psyched about this because I need to get an A or work won’t pay for the class. I’ve already had to pay about $70 out of pocket already, partly for the textbook and the rest for “technology fees” because the class is online. I AM ROLLING MY EYES AT THAT, CAN YOU SENSE IT?!

I still haven’t decided about the vacation. I still really need to get away and I’m still dying to go to San Francisco, but the idea of going alone makes me a little sad. I’m worried I’ll get there and I’ll feel all sad and lonely because I have no one to talk to and because it’ll be right around Christmas. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m feeling sad and lonely anyway. I’m 75% sure I’m having some sort of quarter-life crisis lately, because I feel absolutely crazy.

It’s almost 10:30… I should go eat spaghetti.