I need a vacationnnnnnn.

The title says it all. I NEED A VACATION. BAD.

Work has been driving me crazy. I can’t really go into detail because I don’t want to be dooced but I think I need a few days off from work and away from Vegas before I go on a murderous rampage and kill everyone in the sports book (I’m taking a few days off in November, but I need a real vacation). I left work so mad the other day that I went on a walk in hopes that some exercise would soothe my rage. It did, and now my leg and butt muscles are super sore. That’s how mad I was, people. I EXERCISED. THAT IS SOME SERIOUS RAGE I WAS EXPERIENCING.

PROBLEM: I have no one to go on vacation with. My bff Brian lives in Alaska and while I would love to see him, I feel kind of bad making him take time off from work when I know he wants to save up his time off to see his girlfriend, who lives verrrrrry far away from him. I could go with my sister, but she saves her vacation time to go away with her boyfriend. And then there’s Peter, but he has a girlfriend. And he’s poor. (Sorry, Peter. You know it’s true. I love you anyway!)

Now you’re thinking “hey, that’s only three people! Surely you have more friends!” Sorry, no, I don’t. No, that’s a lie, I do, but I’m not really super close with them (and one is married and a few I work with, so, you know, awkwarddddd, and my gossipy co-workers would assume all sorts of things), so going away with them would be weird. I’m mostly okay with being mostly friendless because hey, quality over quantity, right? But still, it would be nice to have people to take trips with. A girl who is a Facebook friends posted pictures of her and her friends on a trip to wine country in California, how fun would that be? Sadly my only female friend is my sister, and everyone tells me she doesn’t count as a friend because we’re related.

I’ve consulted everyone I know about taking a vacation alone and the consensus is that it wouldn’t be weird to go by myself. So I think I might just do it! If I do it, I’m leaning toward San Francisco. I’ve been there 5 times already but I LOOOOOVE it. I live close enough that tickets are fairly cheap and I could definitely find enough stuff to do for the few days that I would be there. If you’ve ever vacationed by yourself, tell me about it! Where did you go? What did you do? Was it totally weird going alone? I NEED YOUR ADVICE.

In other news, I saw Wicked two weeks ago. Second time I’ve seen it and I loved it just as much as the first time. In fact, I’d go again. If I end up going to San Francisco and Wicked is still there, I might just go see it a third time! Next up is Addams Family on November 21st. I am most excited for Shrek and West Side Story. I wish next season included Newsies and Book of Mormon. Or Les Mis! LEGALLY BLONDE! ALL TEH MUSICALSSSSSS!

So, you know what totally sucks and is really awkward? Having to sit next to someone you hate for half your shift. Plus, he kept humming and it was driving me crazy. Thankfully our shifts are pretty opposite and I don’t have to see him much. Still, can he move away to another state? Forever? That would be great.

Broadway, here I come!

I just got season tickets to the Broadway series at the Smith Center! SO EXCITED! I’ve always loved musicals and now I get to see Wicked (which I’ve already seen but LOVE), The Addams Family, Anything Goes, West Side Story, Billy Elliot, Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, and Catch Me If You Can.

Me and my sister debated about getting the season pass a few months ago but for some reason decided against it, then tonight she decided just to go for it and bought one for each of us so we can see all the shows together. Wicked is in four days, too!

I spent the day watching Game of Thrones. I have a Roku box and for some reason it just now occurred to me to see if there is an HBO GO channel. There is, which makes me a little sad that I didn’t think about that earlier, because I killed my neck by watching the entire first season of Girls in bed on my 10 inch tablet screen. It was worth it though, because Girls is great.

My bed is calling me. It says I need to watch more Game of Thrones.

How I spent the last two hours.

I’m taking a class for work, which I wish I dropped because I really don’t feel like writing 1,000 word essays on gambling regulations. But it’s too late to get a refund if I drop it, so onward I go!

Anyway, I graduated community college in 2009 and that’s the last time I’ve taken a class. I don’t remember writing papers being THIS HARD. I spent the last two hours trying to finish this paper up, and at least half an hour of that time was spent trying to figure out how to cite a federal regulation in APA format. It doesn’t help that the paper is on Regulation 22 – Race and Sports Pools, and if you ever look that up it’s a bunch of boring legalese on what wagers are allowed, etc. I feel bad for the people taking the class that haven’t worked in a sports book. The only reason I’m able to understand as much as I do is because I’ve worked in a book for two years and I’ve taken a million hour-long classes on this crap. If I wasn’t a race and sports employee I’d look at this crap and my eyes would immediately go cross-eyed and then I’d probably cry. But no rush, I have until Sunday to finish it. It would just be nice to have it finished.

I may have gotten a wee bit tipsy at dinner earlier. I went with my parents to my favourite bar (oh god, how lame do I sound?) and sucked down two Long Island iced teas WAY too fast. At least I am fun when I’m drunk? I get all flirty and chatty and end up texting everyone I know. I think one more drink and I would have been texting an ex-friend of mine, but thankfully I was sober enough to realize I would regret that.

Do you ever feel like you are a total failure/loser and that your life sucks compared to everyone else’s? Grass is greener, blah blah blah, but it sucks no matter what. I am the saddest pony about that lately. I know that I can do things to improve my life and therefore increase my happiness, but I just feel so paralyzed by indecision when I think about all my options.

BIG SIGH. SO DRAMATIC. Time for a shower, nail polish, and a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars before bed.

New header!

New header/banner/whatever you want to call it! Those are all my cats, except I’m missing pictures of Maizie and Munch. Maizie is sort of weird and anti-social and it’s hard to get a picture of her because she never stays still. I have tons of pictures of Munch, but he’s black and has long fur, so in every picture he just looks like a big black lump.

Today I realized I would be horrified if someone ever looked inside of my medicine cabinet. It used to be empty because I have so much crap on the counter that it’s hard to even open the door to the medicine cabinet. But now? Now it is full of deodorant and wax hair remover. If a complete stranger was to ever look in there they would assume I am the smelliest, hairiest person ever. SAD FACE.

HERE IS WHERE I DEFEND MYSELF, OKAY?! I use stupid expensive Dove deodorant and it’s normally like, $7.50 a stick, but I got a whole bunch for $4 at Big Lots. That’s almost half off! So of course I had to buy three, then go back and buy some more, so now there’s five or six sticks of deodorant in there. And the wax? I wax my eyebrows about every two weeks. This makes me super sad because everyone else I know can go at least a month without having to rip hair out of their face. And again, found my favourite eyebrow wax on sale at Big Lots, so I have about seven of those.

Pretty soon it will be full of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips because THEY ARE AWESOME. I got a box of neon yellow ones at Big Lots (Big Lots is my favourite store, just in case you’re seeing a trend here) for $3 and always wanted to try them, so that’s what I did last night while watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars (another one of my new obsessions, besides nail polish). I’m pretty awful about doing my nails, I always get nail polish all over my cuticles no matter how hard I try not to, but with the Salon Effects you just press them on and voila, no nail polish all over the place! Of course, I’m also not the best at applying what are really just fancy stickers to my nails, so at least two of my nails have creases in them. But they look all right otherwise. I found some two-packs of the crazy designs on Amazon so I bought a bunch of those. If I crease those it won’t be as obvious as it is with just a plain colour.

I need to go get dressed because I am taking Munch to the v-e-t today. I had to spell it out because even though he can’t read, I swear he knows when it’s time to go to the vet, no matter what I do. Also, I should probably eat something before I faint dead away from low blood sugar.