I spent the last two days with my sister at her apartment. We don’t really do much except shop and eat and watch trashy TV but it is super fun. For some reason I sleep REALLY good at her place, so that’s a bonus. I sleep on an air mattress that slowly leaks through the night so when I wake up in the morning it’s half deflated so I can’t figure out why I sleep so good. Maybe because there aren’t any cats running all over my room and bouncing all over my bed?

I managed to escape the weekend without spending TOO much money. We did go to all of my favourite stores (including Big Lots and the 99 cent store) but somehow I managed to not buy that much. Yay for me!

We are super into the Olympics. Before it started I was pretty indifferent about it but now I can’t get enough. As long as it’s something I don’t see on a regular basis (I see a lot of basketball, boxing, and soccer, so those are kind of boring for me) then I am excited to see it. Today was indoor volleyball, rowing, and diving. My favorite is the women’s gymnastics, though. Got to see some of that last night. 🙂

Thought I was going to see a condo tomorrow but I’m under the impression that the listing agent is being a pain in the ass. Do you want this place to get sold or not?!

I haven’t played Diablo 3 in like, three days. I need to remedy that ASAP!

*smug face*

Well, I was right (as always! No, seriously. I’m always right. It’s eerie and freaks people out sometimes) about not getting the job. However, I was asked to do something else that will bring me in a little extra money for the next month. Plus since I am my department’s job coach, I get to train the new people, which brings me in even MORE money! I am looking forward to some big paychecks.

This condo thing is really not working out for me. I know it’s still early, I’ve only been looking for two months, but since I’ve been saving up for this for a year, it feels like the process is taking a realllllly loooongggg tiiimmeee. The condo I was going to make an offer on was taken off the market. It might go back up, since it wasn’t sold, but I felt like I had a really good shot at that one. There is another one that I’m going to look at sometime this week that is much cheaper (cheap enough that I can get the private mortgage and pay cash) but I definitely prefer the other one just for the location. But this one might really work out for me since it’s cheap enough that I may be willing to just offer list price if I like it.

I’m really not in a position where I HAVE to find a place now now now, but like I said, it feels like I’ve been doing this forever and I’d like to take advantage of housing prices being so ridiculously low. Plus, hi, I’m 27 and live at home. TIME TO MOVE OUT. I know I’m lucky that my parents don’t really charge me a crazy amount for rent so I’ve been able to save a lot of money, but it would just be really great to have my own place.

Whateverrrr. I have the next four days off and I’m spending the next two with my sister. Sister weekend, yay! I really need a mini vacation too since today was a very long day. Half of the computers in the sports book are broken in some way, and the one I sat at today had a broken card reader, meaning whenever someone came up to my window I had to type their card number in when usually I can swipe it, which takes two seconds. And of course I was down in the race section and the race guys are SO impatient and wait until the last second and it was just tiring punching their numbers in as fast as I could and then punching their horse bets in.

I whine a lot, I know. But if I couldn’t whine I wouldn’t have anything to write about (Seriously. That’s sad.)


You know what super sucks? Finally saving up enough money for a place and finally finding a place I’d like to make an offer on, only to find out that all of a sudden I need double the down payment. What. The. Fuck.

Okay, it’s not over yet. I’m gonna call two more banks tomorrow, but the information I was given by two others today was not promising. The whole condo situation in Las Vegas is really kind of fucked up and for some reason now all of a sudden banks want more than the 5% down payment I had been saving for. One wanted 20% and the second wanted 10%. I can do 10%, maybe, if I save up for a few more months. But will that place still be on the market in a few months? Maybe, maybe not. If not I’ll have to wait around for another one to become available and hope that I get a shot at it.

I’m just really frustrated. It feels like I take one step forward and two steps back.

Work is a little frustrating too. No word yet on the promotion and without going into too much detail, I feel like people are not being honest with me. If I no longer have a shot at it, fine. There were other people that applied with more experience than me, and if they get it over me, that sucks for me but I can’t be upset over that, I’d want to hire someone with more experience too. But don’t tell me I still have a shot at it when I don’t. Anyway, I don’t know anything for sure, so maybe I’m just being overdramatic here, but I think I have pretty good instincts and my instinct here is saying “BULLSHIT ALERT! BEEP BEEP!”

In other news, there’s a really delicious cake on my kitchen counter and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna eat at least half of it tonight in the form of eating my feelings. If there’s one thing I’m good at it, it’s eating my feelings via sugar binge.

I’m meltttingggggg

Oh man. IT IS SO HOT. And I am tired. My legs feel like jelly.

I spent the day actually doing stuff instead of playing Diablo 3 and rolling around in bed pouting and watching Netflix. I vacuumed (it was desperately needed, omg, I am actually embarrassed at how gross my floor was) and then put together a cat condo.

SPEAKING OF THE CAT CONDO. I actually got it with one cat in mind. Her name is Ginny Lou and I had to send her to live with my sister. 🙁 I’ll make a long story short and say that one of my other cats, bitchface Lex, was beating up on Louie and making her miserable. I’m almost positive Lex wasn’t letting her near the food dish so Lou wasn’t eating much and she was just hiding under my bed all the time. I didn’t know what to do, so after watching My Cat From Hell and reading some advice on the internet, I figured I’d get another cat condo and put it in my room so the cats have a little more vertical space and Louie had another way of getting away from my stupid bully cat. But then the same day I ordered it my sister came and took Louie back to her house. Okay, when I put it that way it sounds like a kidnapping, but I actually suggested it. Louie is one of my favourite cats and it was super hard suggesting my sister come get her, but I knew it was for the best. The first few days were rough, I was all crazy and stressed out because Louie was all stressed out and not eating, but now that it’s been a few days she’s a lot better. She’s been snuggling with my sister and eating baby food and whatever other treats my sister has been tempting her with.

So, back to the cat condo. I figured I’d just keep it anyway and give the six existing cats a little more vertical space. It took me forever to put it together (along with 5 or 6 trips up and down the stairs carrying parts, also I tripped and bruised my kneecap once) and I seem to be missing a bolt so it’s not completely together yet. I’m hoping once I get the right bolt I can put it together and it will be a little more sturdy, because right now it’s a little wobbly and making me nervous. If that doesn’t work and it’s still not sturdy, I guess I could take it apart and make a smaller condo. I GUESS. Ugh. I bought a condo off eBay a few years ago and it’s awesome, I’ve had it for like four years and it’s super sturdy still. The rope part is falling off but that’s to be expected with cats scratching at it. This one is definitely lower quality. But shipping it back will be kind of a pain because it’s like 60 pounds and lord knows that would cost a lot to ship. Guess we’ll see?

So. I miss my cat. I was super crazy and crying a lot for the last few days because I was worried about her, but I’m glad she’s finally eating. And snuggling with my sister. AND she got affectionate with one of my sister’s other cats! She has two others besides mine, but hers don’t seem to be all alpha cat/HBIC like my Lex tends to be. Also I’ve demoted Lex as my favourite cat. She’s mean.

Today I had three pieces of pizza and one cupcake. There’s a cupcake bakery near me that sells $3 cupcakes which is crazy but they are amazingly good and it’s like my mouth is having an orgasm every time I eat one. Plus I got my favourite ring back a few days ago. My bestie got it for me ages ago but it broke where it had been resized and and I just now got around to taking it to be repaired. It’s pretty.

Point is: things are looking up. I was having a bad couple of days there but things are improving slightly. Now I just need a condo and a promotion and I’ll be set!

Here’s a pic of Louie. She looks all sad but she was high on catnip, I promise.

So you had a bad day

I had a bad day today. It was fine until I was at work and one of my supervisors got all attitudey with me for no reason. The volume for one of the race tracks was really loud and I turned it down. Just two little volume bars, it was still plenty loud, BELIEVE ME. I work in a race and sports book (I am not sure if you know this or not) and it gets pretty loud in there even without hearing “GIRLS R WILD TAKES THE LEAD! LADY VOLDEMORT COMES IN SECOND! IN THIRD IS MUCHO MACHO MAN!” (horse names are crazy, for realz) every time a race goes off.

INSTEAD of saying something like “hey, could you not turn the volume down? I want the race players to be able to hear it” he gets all snotty and snaps at me. SUPER SAD FACE HERE. Now I know why the other people I work with wait until he steps out to change the volume, lulz.

THEN I got in a fight with my friend. He is so irritating and never listens and I TRY TO HELP HIM ALL THE TIME but he just does not give a fuck. So, ya know, done with that.

THEN! (I am using a lot of caps because I am still cranky) I had an appointment with the sleep study doctor. Remember when I said I barely slept at all? WELL, I WASN’T LYING. Supposedly I slept so little that they weren’t able to get results from it at all and want me to come in for another sleep study, only I get to take a sleeping pill the next time.

Not gonna lie, I wanted to cry right then and there. They wanted me to make an appointment right then and there for another one but I declined and said I had to mentally prepare myself to do it again so I’d call and make an appointment. Debating going back at all. After the whole drama with the dentist (stupid benefits lady lying to me and trying to get me to spend a lot of money on shit I don’t need) I’m not entirely sure I trust doctors or dentists. I mean, if I go back for another sleep study and an appointment afterward that’s another $60 they got from me. MAYBE THAT’S ALL THEY WANT!

I came home and went straight to my room and threw myself on the bed all dramatically and took a nap. Now I’m still cranky AND I have a headache. The only good thing about today was that there were strawberries at work and they were super delicious.

OH! I applied for the job at work. I really debated it (I even wrote a list of pros and cons, ha) and decided just to go for it. SO WISH ME LUCK, OKAY?!


Every day I think “I should blog more! I should take more picture! Everyone loves pictures!” and then I remember that my life is pretty boring. The most exciting thing I’ve done lately was apply for a promotion and ate nachos at the bar with a friend. Also, I beat Diablo III on hell mode.

I have nothing else to say, so here’s a picture of Max playing with a catnip banana: