not-so-much-sleep study.

I went to a sleep study today. Er, well, last night. My doctor recommended one because I’m tired all the time. Of course, it’s possible that I might be tired all the time because I am huge and fat and don’t eat well, but hey, a sleep study was worth a shot, right?

WRONG. Well, I mean, I haven’t gotten the results yet so I don’t know if I have sleep apnea or not, but it was so miserable that I never want to do it again.

Here’s what happened: I was scheduled to arrive at 8:30, which I did. After some signatures at the reception desk I was led to my room, which wasn’t so bad. It had a big TV and a queen bed and nice wood floors (that I would like to put in my future condo if I ever get one). I’m in there waiting for an hour and finally some guy walks in and tells me he’ll be my sleep tech. I guess this was the guy that the receptionist was screaming at 15 minutes ago because he was late and omg scheduled at 8:30 and why didn’t he show up when they had 5 patients to see?! Ookay. Anyway, he takes my blood pressure and pulse and all that stuff. After I change into my pajamas he sits me in a chair and starts wrapping a tape measure all around my head. And marking me up with a red pencil. And basically rubbing all over me. Which wasn’t so bad because he was sort of cute and smelled really nice.

An hour later I’m covered with sticky shit and electrodes and there are things shoved in my nose and mouth and I’m instructed to go to bed.

HA. HA HA HAH AHAHAHA. IMPOSSIBLE. Okay, seriously, I only sleep good when I’m on my stomach and there’s no way to sleep with all that shit covering me (I was covered in crap from my head down to my legs), especially when one of the things shoved into my nose can’t touch one of the other things shoved in my nose. Sleeping on my stomach with my face shoved in the pillow (just the way I like it, oooh yeah) is out of the question. I moved once to try and get more comfortable and ripped two wires out and he had to come back in the room and put them back in, so I ended up just staying in the same position for the next six hours.

I woke up about a thousand times it felt like and barely slept at all. He wakes me up at 5 and takes all the wires off and I’m left with sticky goop all over my face and hair (no jokes, perverts!). The sticky shit in my hair is nearly impossible to wash out and two shampoos later I’m STILL finding it. It’s gross. It’s sort of like wax only really really sticky like glue. Anyway, he leaves some paperwork for me and I start to fill it out but realize it was LAST NIGHT’S paperwork. After an hour of waiting I wander out to the reception area because I’m pretty sure he forgot about me. We make an appointment to see the doctor in a week and a half (which I will have to leave work early for because there were no other times available). Then he gets me the right paperwork, I fill it out, and finally leave.

And then came home, tried to wash the goop out of my hair, and slept for another 7 hours.

Cry. 🙁

Also I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning and only had one cavity, yay me! Of course, no cavities are better, but one isn’t so bad. And my insurance covers 100% of fillings (even though the benefits lady told me last time that it was over $100 for four of them, GOD WHAT A LIAR, I HATE HER) and somehow I had a credit on my account which covered the deductible so I ended up paying nothing yesterday. The office just emailed me about 15 minutes ago, actually, wanting me to take a survey and tell them how my visit was, so I took the opportunity to bitch about my last visit which totally sucked because the benefits lady is a lying liar bitchface who tries to rip me off every time I go.

I’m sure none of this made sense because I’m tired and still cranky and there’s STILL STICKY SHIT IN MY HAIR and I want to cry a little. 🙁


I put an offer on a condo on Friday and it was rejected. SAD FACE. I didn’t want to say anything earlier because I didn’t want to jinx it. What’s weird is that I am totally not superstitious. Well, I guess I am a little, but only when it comes to this.

I had a little chat with myself when I was putting the offer in. I told myself, “hey, look, it’s okay if you don’t get this condo. There are others and if it was meant to be, it would happen”. And it worked, because I’m only a wee bit disappointed. I’m actually more amused by the whole thing. The realtor called this morning and said the seller wouldn’t take less than list price. List price is at 55k when a similar one in perfect condition sold for 42k, so they’re a little crazy holding out for that much money. Oh well, good luck with that, buddy! There’s actually another one in the next building over that I’m interested in seeing (I think it’s a new listing because when I checked a couple days ago I didn’t see it) and maybe I’ll have better luck with that one. It’s listed at 10k less than the one I put my offer in on so maybe I’ll have a better shot.

I finally made an appointment for a sleep study. I don’t know why but I am super, super nervous about it. I also managed to get a dentist appointment on the same day so now I have a reason to be up early and can’t sleep in all day, which means I’ll at least sort of sleep at night for the sleep study. Yesterday I told myself I would make all my doctor appointments that I need to make, but I only ended up making half of them. Oops. At least the vagina doctor called me back today to make an appointment but it turns out they don’t take my new insurance so now I need to find another doctor. Next up: eye appointment and taking the cat to the groomer. Oh boy.

I finally got Diablo 3. It is super funsies and I am only a little annoyed that I got disconnected twice. The first time was no big deal but the second time we had just gotten done finding whatever we needed to finish a quest and had to start all over. Bastards.

Pic of the day:

Spinach and goat cheese salad with raisins, cranberries, cucumbers (which I picked off, ew), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, onion, and tomatoes. I’m obsessed, it’s so delicious.

blargh asdkfjkdfsfd.

Mmhmm. MMHMM.

I’m tired. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and it’s wearing me out. I fall asleep okay but once I wake up (to pee or because the dogs are barking or whatever) I can’t fall back asleep. This whole condo thing is stressing me out because even though I’ve been offered a private mortgage (which gives me wayyyy more options) I feel like I won’t find the perfect place. Like I said in my last post, I’m still kind of limited as to the area I want to live, and then when you take all the things I want in a condo, that narrows it down even more. I want it to be two bedroom, two bathroom (though I’d consider one bathroom) and on the second floor. I don’t want anyone stomping around above me and also because of safety issues. Second floor = less windows to break into (unless you have a ladder, but that’s just weird).

Guess we will see what happens. I do feel a lot better knowing that now I can basically pay cash. Cross your fingers for me!

One of the supervisors at work is transferring to another property which means his position will be open. I am debating applying for it. The shift is a good one (days with Thursday and Friday off) and of course there would be a raise (not much, though). I know I’d be good at it but I’m still sort of hesitant to apply. Okay, you know what? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

More money
Good shift
Get to stop wearing ugly blue polo shirt
Have a little more power/control over what goes on there

More responsibility which is a little scary considering I’d be dealing with a lot of money and gaming regulations and stuff
I’m not sure if the pay raise if worth it
I’d work Sunday and Monday mornings which are really busy (football days, derp)

There is another con but I’m a wee bit hesitant to talk shit on a public forum. So, I don’t know. I’m leaning towards yes right now but that could change. Advice? Everyone I’ve talked to says I should, and they’re probably right.

Can the job of professional cat herder please be invented so I can just stop working with a bunch of sexist dudes in a loud, smoke-filled room?

I decided this blog needs more pictures, so I will try and work on including a random picture of my day when I post. Here we go!

Coconut oil didn’t quite wash out of my hair, so up in a bun it went!

aaaaaaah! *pops a xanax*

Oh lord. This whole condo thing is STRESSING ME OUTTTTT. I finally decided to stop putting this whole thing off and just start looking at places. I was pre-qualified for a mortgage, contacted a realtor, and I’m on the right track…. sort of. My problem is that because I don’t have a car, I’m kind of limited to where I want to live, and the few condo complexes I really wanted to live in may not even be approved for the type of mortgage I’ll have. Then on top of that the seller needs to be willing to take an FHA loan as financing. Then on top of THAT it needs to be in really good condition because you usually can’t get an FHA loan to cover a place that needs repairs. And there aren’t a ton of units available because investors snap them up, pay cash, and rent them out. I’ve expanded my search to places outside of my zip code and found one I’m willing to look at, but… I don’t know. I would really love a unit in one of the two complexes near me. They’re close enough that I could walk home and are only one 20 minute bus ride from work, and both are close to grocery stores. And where I live is a pretty good area, so no crime (unlike a house I thought I might like which had almost 300 incidents in the last 60 days according to the crime report I looked at), which is important to me.

I don’t knowwwww. I think if I don’t get a place I’ll just end up renting, which can be tricky because I want to bring 5 of the cats with me, and who the hell is gonna let me have 5 cats in a rental? 🙁 All I know is that I need to get out of here. My parents have this stupid dog that I hate and I sleep like shit because he barks ALL. THE. TIME and wakes me up multiple times per day. And my mom is a 3 pack a day smoker (not exaggerating, if anything I am underestimating how much she smokes) and I’m well on my way to getting lung cancer by having lived with her for nearly 28 years.

I just wish I wasn’t so easily stressed out by stuff.