house sitting. er… condo sitting.

I recently did some house sitting (well, condo sitting, really) for a friend of mine while he went out of town. He doesn’t have any pets or anything so it’s not like he really NEEDED me to do it, but I wanted to get an idea of what it would be like to live on my own.

Not gonna lie, it was a LITTLE scary the first night. It doesn’t help that I watched a scary movie before bed. I was fine the second night, and wasn’t scared at all the third night until a helicopter started flying around yelling at someone on a megaphone. My friend doesn’t live in the best part of town (he lives right across the street from work, so that tells you what my job is like) so I was a more creeped out than I would have been if the same thing had happened at home. But other than that it was good. I ended up coming home because I had plans with my family to see Mary Poppins (the play, not the movie, for some reason this confuses everyone) at the new performing arts center and it was easier to just go home with my parents at the end of it. Plus, I missed my sweet angel baby cats.

Anyway, I learned that I can totally live on my own even if I will sleep with a baseball bat next to the bed in case a robber tries to come in and kidnap me. That’s normal though, right? RIGHT?! Having my own place will be even better because it will be all nice and clean (total opposite of my room right now but I can see myself becoming a totally obsessive cleaner when I move out) and I’ll be able to cook for myself and my condo will RULE. IT WILL BE SO AWESOME. Especially now that my bff Peter had a picture of me drawn as slave Leia (only fat, because, well, hi, I’m fat) at some nerd convention he went to. It will hang on the wall and everyone will be in awe of it.

Roku FINALLLLLLLLLY decided to stop dicking around and send me a new box. Well, once I send my broken one back, then they’ll send me a new one. SO THEY SAY. I’m just glad they finally realized that having me restart my router 15 times wasn’t doing shit. I think they could tell I was getting all ragey.

I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I really should make something (leftover pizza, nommmm) after I finish reinstalling Windows on my old computer. I was debating ways I could watch Netflix on my TV and didn’t feel like spending money on a blu-ray player or some other device (especially since all the cheap ones had like 50% bad reviews) and realized that hello, I have this computer sitting here doing nothing. I got a cheap video card for it and hopefully I am good to go after this reinstall finishes. Yay! TV!

lame. so lameeee.

Do you know how lame I am? No? WELL, I WILL TELL YOU.

It’s Friday night and I am sitting at home in my pajamas writing reviews on Amazon, Sephora, and Walmart.

It started off with the Roku streaming media player. I check every night because I’ve gotten some good deals on there. Tonight’s deal is the Roku, which I’ve had for over a year and liked until it stopped working and customer service keeps shrugging me off. So I had to share my tale of woe with anyone planning to buy one in hopes that I could talk them out of it. I’m so annoyed with their shitty customer service that after posting on the Woot forums, I decided to post a negative review on Amazon. Then I was on a roll. I COULDN’T STOP MYSELF. I had to post a negative review of the “waterproof” mattress pad I got from Walmart (confused? the story ends like this: NOT WATERPROOF AT ALL). And then post about the lipsticks I bought on Sephora. HELP ME. I NEED A NEW HOBBY.

I had a terrible stomach ache all day today, and now I’m finally feeling better after having had a bowl of soup. What I really want now is some ice cream, but considering that I felt like I was going to puke all day, I probably shouldn’t.

I think I’ll go to bed. SO EXCITING!

derby derby doooooo

I…. am tired. I work in a race and sports book and today was the Kentucky Derby, the biggest horse race of the year, so I am sure you can imagine how crazy it was. I wrote over 500 tickets today, about 460 of them being pari-mutuel or house race bets. I’m actually pretty good when dealing with people who have no idea what they’re doing (because I have more patience than most of the guys I work with) but man, the newbies just exhaust me after awhile. There are a ton of ways to bet on the horses and they never really seem to know exactly what they want. Oh well. Two more big races after this and the Triple Crown is OVERRRR. Then it’ll be time for the Superbowl and it’ll start all over again. I think the worst part of the Superbowl is dealing with all the people who think they can do a really non-risky bet for a small amount of money and win a million bucks. NOT THE WAY IT WORKS, PEOPLE, OR WE WOULD ALL BE RICH.

I was a very bad girl last week and did a bit too much shopping. I did get two sets of sheets from Pottery Barn Teens for about $35 each, though. Down from $120! I almost bought a set from Walmart for $30 but am so glad I didn’t. I’m sort of picky about my sheets. I like them to be 100% cotton and kind of “crunchy” feeling, if that makes sense. Nice, crisp, clean, cotton sheets. Now I can get turn my stupid black jersey sheets into curtains for when I move out! Those were a bad idea, almost as bad as the purple satin ones I bought (which will also be turned into curtains). Black with 7 cats… what the hell was I thinking? After two days it looks like a giant hairball.

I don’t want to jinx anything but I MAY have solved the cat-peeing-in-my-bed problem. Also, have I mentioned I love baking soda? I sprinkle it in the litterboxes every day and they don’t smell at all. And using liners was the best idea too. Now instead of hauling the litterboxes downstairs, emptying them, cleaning them with soap and water, filling them back up, and hauling them back upstairs, I just grab the liners, throw it in a trash bag, bring the bag downstairs, and bring a bag of litter upstairs. SO much easier on my back, which always hurt after trying to carry three litterboxes full of stinky, wet litter. I AM SUCH A GENIUS. Now if only I could solve the cat litter all over my bathroom problem. Sweeping every day sucks.

I think it’s about time to shower and then read a bit before bed. I started reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer, which I got for $1 at the Salvation Army. I’ve been wanting to read it for awhile but didn’t want to so bad that I went out of my way to buy it. But hey, $1 for a hardcover, I can’t pass that up! Anyway, I started reading it last night and kept having dreams I was kidnapped or held against my will, so maybe I shouldn’t read it before bed. Hmmm.