do circuses buy cats? ’cause i have a few for sale.



So much for the “waterproof” mattress pad. Seriously. The pee didn’t soak TOO much into the mattress, so I guess it sort of helped, but waterproof MY ASS. I got a vinyl mattress protector, which should be super fun, and by fun I mean uncomfortable and hot, but I don’t know what else to do. I added a THIRD litterbox and moved them to another spot and if this doesn’t do the trick I am gonna sell my cats to the circus by saying they’re dwarf tigers.

It’s getting hot here in Vegas and since I am tired of doing three loads of laundry every time the cat pees on my bed, I decided to skip the comforter and all the other crap I have on my bed and just go with the mattress cover (on top of the super awesome sheet of plastic covering my mattress) and a fitted sheet. It’s way too hot to sleep under anything but a sheet. Plus my room faces the sun in the late afternoons and it gets HOT in here. Even the cats are hot. I can tell because they’re all laying on the floor on their backs. SO CUTE. Except they pee on my bed so I’m mad at them right now.

$1700 away from my condo goal, baby. I love pay day. I transfer money to my various savings accounts right away and doing that puts me one step closer to all my goals, which makes me feel super awesome.


Here is my life right now, okay?
1. Had a falling out with a friend. AGAIN. SAME FRIEND. OVER AND OVER. ARGH. I don’t have the energy to deal with it right now so while he thinks we’re friends, I think that’s kind of up in the air.
2. Reading a self-help book called “Why Men Love Bitches”. It basically rules. I don’t agree with some of it but I think the general message, which is “don’t let men walk all over you, be confident”, is a good one.
3. Counting down the days until I spend the weekend with my sister, which means I have 5 days off from work.
4. Hockey playoffs. I love beards, and you know what playoff hockey means, right? PLAYOFF BEARDS.
5. I got some strawberries from Walmart and I’m gonna go eat them right now.


reclaiming my bed.

About a week ago, one of my cats decided to pee on my bed. Sigh. Gross, I KNOW. Now, if that isn’t gross enough, THEY DID IT AGAIN A FEW DAYS LATER. I don’t know what the hell is going on. My theory is that my parents’ stupid dog that I hate terrorizes the cats so much they hate going downstairs, which is where most of the litterboxes are. I cleaned the upstairs one and added a second one, so I’m hoping that solves the problem because if I find my bed peed in again I am probably going to cry.

Anyway, I think I’ve managed to get most of the pee smell out. I sprayed a mixture of vinegar and water on top of it, let it dry, then sprinkled baking soda, then scrubbed my mattress with dish detergent and water. I was supposed to add hydrogen peroxide to that mixture, but I couldn’t find any. So soap and water will have to do. It’s pretty dry right now and I can’t smell any pee, which is great, because if this trick didn’t get rid of the smell I was going to just buy a new mattress, which I really don’t want to do right now since I am so close to my condo goal. I did order a vinyl mattress protector (which only cost me $10 after using a gift certificate) and I’m hoping between that and my waterproof mattress pad, if the cat pees again, it won’t soak through to the mattress.

So. That’s how life has been for me the last few days, pretty much. A friend was nice enough to let me crash at his place so my mattress could dry, but that turned out to be a disaster and I’m still cranky about it. Oh well. At least I had really great sushi and sex the next day to cheer me up.

I started using to track all of my money. What I usually do is manually update an Excel spreadsheet. I’ll still be doing that because as far as I can see there isn’t an option for me to add in a loan from a friend (which was very informal and I just transfer money to his bank account every month) and I still need to keep track of that. But Mint is pretty cool. I have been doing good this month with not spending much money. I went to the grocery store once, then bought the mattress pad, and did spend a little on eating out, but overall I haven’t been shopping, which is awesome, because I LOVE TO SHOP.

I’m just hoping I can continue this no-spending habit when I spend the last weekend of April with my sister. She lives across town and our schedules are totally opposite, so we basically have to schedule time to hang out, and we end up shopping most of the time. I do have big plans to spend my $8 tax refund on paperbacks at the Salvation Army, though. That’s 16 paperbacks! Unless they’re half-off, which sometimes they are. Big spender, here!

OH! And I almost forgot: I AM RECLAIMING MY BED FROM THE CATS. Usually half of the bed is covered with their blankets, pillows, and beds, but I cleared all that off because, duh, cat pee. And I realized that having the entire bed to myself is glorious. I mean, they still sleep with me (usually right on top of me, little bastards) so it’s not like I have the entire queen size bed to myself, but at least now I’m not limited to half of it. I can spread out wherever I want and not be under five layers of Pillow Pets and fuzzy blankets. IT IS ALL MINE, BABY.

I…. need a life.


I am $1900 away from reaching my condo fund goal! I figure as long as I don’t go on any shopping sprees it’ll take me about 4 months to save that, hopefully less. It doesn’t mean I can start looking at condos as soon as I have the money, but I will definitely be one step closer to moving the hell out. I need to put more money in my emergency savings account (the one in case I lose my job or the cats need emergency vet care), then make a large dent in the amount I owe a friend, then I am outta here!

I am becoming such an adult/old lady/whatever. I finally started contributing to my 401(k). I should have done this months ago but I wanted someone to explain to me exactly how it works first. No one really did, not even my friend who has a degree in finance, but another coworker logged into his account to show me what the options were and how to figure out which one I want. I still don’t know which one I want because the whole thing still really confuses me, but whatever, at least I started contributing the minimum amount that my company matches.

What I really need to do is to get a second job and just have all my savings accounts filled and my friend paid back by the end of the year. But I REALLY don’t want to. I worked two jobs for about six months a few years ago and it was not fun. I mean, it’s okay for awhile because you’re like “holy shit, money!” but then you finally get a day off and then you realize how nice it is to have days off. It’s just hard for me to want to get a job that will pay less than my current job and probably be harder. Like when I worked in a frozen yogurt shop, that shit paid minimum wage and was pretty hard. Not like, rocket science hard, but you had to take apart the yogurt machines and deal with customers and clean everything and there was always a ton to do. And right now my full-time job is so easy, I sit at a computer and type numbers in and the supervisors take care of all the “hard” shit. I have been debating making some extra money by selling stuff on eBay, like my old American Girl dolls and a guitar my dad just won. I should probably do this because it will eliminate a lot of stuff I’ll have to deal with when I move. But alas, I am lazy.

The grocery store had Easter candy on clearance yesterday and I got two boxes of Russel Stover assorted creams for $4 each. I LOVE THEM. SO. MUCH. That’s what I’m eating for breakfast. My favourite are the vanilla creams.

Today my goals are: study Spanish, clean bathroom, put laundry away. Yay. I’m so exciting!