someone hide my credit card.

MORE SHOPPING, OH BOY. I couldn’t resist the 50% off coupon from One Stop Plus OR the $20 jacket I got from Torrid. It came to $23 with shipping and tax, people. BARGAIN SHOPPER HERE. I also needed a new swim top so that’s where the 50% off coupon came in handy. Now I just need to make friends with someone who has a pool and I am good to go! I actually really love to swim but hate wearing swimsuits and hate the sun. Oh well.

I love my days off. I don’t ever really do anything except study Spanish, read (about to read the Hunger Games for the third time, just in time for the movie), play video games (did I mention I’m playing WoW again? Oh boy), and clean. Tuesdays are my cleaning days for some reason. Two weeks ago I went crazy cleaning the bathroom (even the shower, zomg!) but today I mostly just picked up clutter around my room and the bathroom. I always get the urge to just throw everything away but hopefully I will be buying a condo in a year and I can worry about getting rid of everything when I start packing.

I need to find someone to go see the Hunger Games with. Anyone? ANYONE?!


Has anyone written an angry letter to a business and actually gotten a response or anything? I’m about to go off on Old Navy. Old Navy used to be my favourite store to shop for plus-size clothes even though they never carried any of the stuff in the actual stores. Do they hate fat people? Probably. Anyway, now their clothes are just crap. The sizes are always completely crazy. I ordered a jacket in 3x once, which is a size bigger than I needed, and it was SO SMALL I could barely get it on. I was about to order like, 5 rib knit tank tops because they are comfy and I love wearing them around the house in the summer (not out of the house because I am insecure about my arms) but before I placed the order I realized the tanks are no longer 100% cotton. Now they’re cotton/polyester/spandex. Spandex is great on fatties like me in jeans, for stretch purposes, but Spandex in any other item of clothing tends to cling to the fat on my stomach. And I am realllllly insecure about my stomach.

Looks like I am going back to Lane Bryant/Avenue (overpriced), One Stop Plus (I haven’t ordered anything from them yet so I can’t comment, or Torrid (REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLY overpriced. So overpriced I refuse to buy anything that isn’t clearance, and even then I wait until clearance is half off). Any other suggestions? I always get food on my shirt (big boobs, hello) so I refuse to spend more than like, $20 on a shirt. God. I should just stick with thrift stores, even though it’s hard to find decent clothes in my size there. I did find a purple Target boyfriend t-shirt there, though. It’s my favourite thing to wear, pretty much.

Anyway. I am about to place an order on Lane Bryant for two bras (buy one, get one free, baby!) and possibly One Stop Plus. I really need new jeans. So much for not spending money!

Speaking of money, this is my last month buying shit, I SWEAR. I knew I’d do awful this weekend, since I hung out with my sister and we go shopping together. I got some awesome stuff, though. My first bottle of grown-up perfume (Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck, mmmmm) because I usually use body sprays and stuff and felt like it was time to try something different. Also shoes for work, and I ended up only paying for 2 out of the 3 pairs because the cashier didn’t ring up the third pair. I don’t know WHY she didn’t ring them up, because she checked every pair to make sure the shoes matched. And then the smelly wallflower things from Bath and Body Works (and two small candles), and eyebrow wax and Oreos from Big Lots. Oh, and a bottle of nail polish from Ulta. I really hate spending more than $2 on a bottle of nail polish but China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection was really cute. They have this holographic flakey top coat I just had to have. And of course my perfume (and rollerball for my purse). So new bras and jeans (and possibly a new swim top, since it is summer) and I AM DONE SPENDING MONEY, I SWEARZ.

Um. Yeah. Okay. Back to shopping.

oh boy.

I am so exciting on my days off. JUST KIDDING. This is basically what I do:

1. Sleep ’til noon
2. Study Spanish using Rosetta Stone
3. Clean my room (today I spiced things up by cleaning my BATHROOM!)
4. Nap
5. Read books

Today I’ve been on Pinterest a lot. That site is ridiculously addicting. I JUST WANT TO PIN ALL THE THINGS. I love to browse for nail art ideas (even though I end up failing miserably at most of them) and home decor ideas since hopefully I will be moving out by early next year. I am psyched that I’m going for at least a two bedroom now. The one bedroom thing might’ve been convenient and all but the lack of space was kind of stressing me out.

My allergies are KILLING ME. No, seriously, I thought they were actually going to kill me on Sunday. I woke up (after sleeping like absolute crap because I couldn’t breathe through my nose and was snoring like a crazy person) and my throat was so swollen I was having trouble breathing. And talking. OH, and swallowing. So I called in sick (my boss was not happy with me since I am the swing shift those days, but OH WELL, EL JEFE!) and stayed home feeling shitty all day. Felt shitty the next day too, and I don’t feel quite right today, but at least my nose is unstuffed enough that I can kind of taste stuff. That’s the worst part about being sick (minus that whole swollen throat thing), not being able to taste stuff. Because you know what I love? FOOD. I LOVE IT ALL.

Just logged into World of Warcraft for the first time in two months. I’m still not interested in playing so I guess I won’t be renewing after my week of free play is up. Sigh. I need something new to play besides the occasional game of Left 4 Dead. When is Torchlight 2 coming out? ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?

Okay, I’m gonna go play some Dead Island and be all pouty and stuff.