Today I went to the thrift store with my bff Peter. Going to the thrift store is one of my favourite things ever because, hello, fifty cent paperbacks! Well, they’re fifty cents at the Salvation Army, anyway.

I got like 20 books but I am super excited about two of them: Memoirs of a Geisha, which I read a few years ago and wanted to re-read, and my favourite book EVERRRRRRRRR, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. And of course now you’re like “well if it’s your favourite shouldn’t you have it already?” I actually have three copies now, one a regular paperback, a really old hardcover, and now a paperback from 1947! Aaaaahhh! You know what I love? Old books. Seriously, I have an entire shelf in my library dedicated to my old book collection.

Also, I’m secretly 14 years old and have been reading the Gossip Girl series. I fell in love with the show after discovering it on Netflix and I love really bad young adult books (Twilight, what up?!) so it made sense for me to read the books.

I just plugged in a new scent into my wallflower (you know those smelly things from Bath and Body works that are like Glade plug-ins?) and it smells like delicious fruit. Too bad they don’t last as long as they should. Sad face.

Edit 10 minutes later: The wallflower smells like a fruit roll-up. Yum.

zzzz. HOLA! zzzz.

I called in sick today so I’ve spent the entire day sleeping between studying Spanish on Rosetta Stone. The company I work for bought a bunch of licenses for the program and gave one to me. So! HOLA! Las mujeres cocinan! Yeah, baby!

I’m pretty grateful for the handful of Spanish classes I took in high school and college, because Rosetta Stone pretty much jumps into the language without saying “okay, this is what we’re gonna do” and there’s no teacher around for me to be like “huh? what?” I mean, that’s how people learn languages, sure, but putting up a picture of a boy holding a cat and saying “El nino tiene un gato” might confuse someone. Does tiene mean the boy is holding the cat? Or just that he has one? So, yay for taking Spanish in high school!

One more day until the Super Bowl. I work in a race and sports book so this is the biggest day of the year for us. I can’t think of another day that even compares to Super Bowl Sunday in a sports book. Basketball is probably the second most popular sport but even then I was really surprised at how many people watched the championship game last year. Kentucky Derby is a pretty big day too, but eh.

You know my resolution to save money? IT ALMOST BACKFIRED IN MY FACE. KSJDfksdfdsf! My paycheck got deposited so I got all excited and was like “okay, few hundred into savings, few hundred here, hundred to my computer that I am paying off interest-free, hundred to student loan”, etc etc. I didn’t realize how much I had transferred out, then withdrew $80 from the ATM (to bet on the Super Bowl, not a good way to save money! even though I only spent $15) and got overdrawn by $4. Thankfully my sister ran to the bank for me on her lunch break and deposited $5 so I didn’t have to pay the fee. But I learned my lesson, keep track of the money in my bank account so I don’t have to deal with that again. I AM SO SMART.

And hungry, so I’m gonna get some food.