I know its only like, four days into the new year, but I have to say I have been doing good about my resolution to save money. Example: I went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription and didn’t even glance at the makeup section (my weakness!). I did, however, buy two bottles of vitamins (buy one, get one free, baby, oh yeah!) and two bags of Jolly Ranchers. My co-worker gave me a whole bunch of candy for Christmas, including Jolly Ranchers, and now I am addicted. Except I don’t remember blue raspberry ever being included in the original flavours when I was younger. Is this new? Did I just forget they existed? Oh well.

AND THEN! I was browsing Hautelook, which is bad, I KNOW, but I bought a purse from there and it broke and they gave me a refund and now I have to buy a new one, and I don’t count this as spending money because it was last year that I spent the money. You’re laughing at me, shut up. Anyway, they have slippers on sale, something I really need because my pair from Payless is falling apart, but I decided against buying a pair from Hautelook because their shipping is stupid, like $8. And sometimes it takes FOREVER.

Anyway. What was I getting at?

Oh yeah. Saving money! I really need to move the hell out of this house because my mom smokes and I’m tired of breathing in second hand smoke and smelling like a cigarette all the time (and also she has this satan puppy that barks ALL THE TIME and I hate him), so I decided to pay my friend back an extra $100 a month (he lent me a lot of money to get me out of insane credit card debt) to speed up the process by about six months. If I do that, I will have him paid back in one year, five months. AND if I put at least $400 a month into my condo fund, I will have more than enough to cover closing costs and a down payment, assuming the housing market stays crappy until then. Then throw another hundred into my emergency savings account and I still have enough left over to go to sushi once in awhile and buy cat food. Oh, and the thrift store to buy 50 cent paperbacks, which is my favourite thing to do. Sometimes they’re 50% off, which makes them TWENTY FIVE CENT paperbacks. Oh god, thrift store, I love you.

This post is kind of all over the place but the point here is that I went to Walgreens and didn’t buy a single bottle of nail polish. THIS IS HUGE, PEOPLE. HUGE.

happy new year etc etc

I failed my last year’s resolutions miserably. Well, maybe not miserably. I made an attempt at them, half-assed as that attempt was. Oh well. C’est la vie, right?

Anyway, I think my goals for 2012 are a little simpler. They are:

1. Save money. I was doing really good with this for awhile then somehow got behind. I really like shopping so this will be a challenge for me, but I really want to move out so I NEED to do this. I paid my mom a year of rent in advance, so my plan is to put the money that I would normally pay her into my savings account along with $500 a month.
2. My original resolution was to be less passive-aggressive but I don’t really think that’s the word I am looking for. I have a tendency to just shut down and ignore people when they piss me off when I should really be honest with them and tell them what’s going on. Confrontation sucks but so does letting people treat me badly. I need to be done wasting my time on people who don’t deserve it. So I guess this resolution is to be honest with people and to stop putting up with people’s douchery.

I know it’s only 10:30 but I had to be up early for work today and I have to be up even earlier for work tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be ringing in the new year sound asleep in my warm bed. I am already a spinster at age 27.