pew pew

Oh man. You know what I love? VIDEO GAMES. My ex-bff was always like “live in the real world!” but you know what? FUCK THAT. In the real world I can’t be a wizard with demon minions or a kick ass black chick who blows the heads off zombies, CAN I?! NO. NO, I CANNOT.

Seriously though, Steam’s holiday sale is gonna kill me. My pal Peter got me Dead Island, I got him some building game, and I got us both Torchlight which is OMG SO FUN. Why haven’t I played this before? Oh, right, I hate RPGs. Let’s not talk about the three years I spent playing World of Warcraft.

Now that I’ve spent all day staring at my computer screen, my headache is coming back. I’m currently addicted to watching Gossip Girl on Netflix so I think its time to watch some of that, don’t you think?

nothin’ says MERRY CHRISTMAS like free shots!

My work holiday party was on Wednesday and let’s just say I got a little drunk and did the following things:

1. Talked to my ex-bff which I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULD NOT DO
2. Kissed my co-worker in my boss’s hotel room while he was present
3. Got motorboated by a drunken female poker dealer

I didn’t sleep with anyone, pee or puke on myself (or anyone else) so I’d say the night went okay.

i am so smart. s-m-r-t.

My sister came by recently and cleaned out her bedroom. She moved out like, a year ago but her room was still full of crap. But now it’s empty! And I can use it as a library for my one million books!

Yeah, I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea. Actually, I don’t know why I thought buying ONE extra bookshelf was enough. IT IS NOT ENOUGH.

It’ll be nice to have all my books in one room instead of spread throughout the house (garage! mom’s room! downstairs bookshelf! dining room table! etc!) but damn, this is a project and a half. I COULD be lazy and just shove them onto the shelves and call it a day but I really want them organized by genre. All my Stephen King books need to be together so the next time I go on a Stephen King spree I can find them all easily. Same with all my Harry Potter books. And Twilight! And all my trashy VC Andrews books! ALL THE BOOKS MUST BE TOGETHER.

Apparently my new thing to do on Friday nights is to go to bed reallllly early. Like eight o’clock early. And I sleep through the night. It is glorious.

I am such a boring old woman. Books! Going to bed early! Oh boy.