A little over a month ago I started taking anti-depressants again. I’ve taken about three different kinds on and off in the last few years and while they worked, the sexual side effects were rather… well, how would you feel if you couldn’t orgasm? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.

But I finally find one that works for me without the sexual dysfunction side effect and I AM SO HAPPY. It has other unpleasant side effects, like blurry/double vision (but only in one eye, wtf?!) and it makes my hands shake, but I have seriously not felt this good in… well, years. Only problem is my insurance doesn’t cover it and the pharmacy, doctor, and insurance company are all battling it out right now. I really hope it works out for me. I am so glad I finally found one that works and I will probably have to punch someone in the face if I can’t take it anymore.

Things that are good:
1. Going to look at a condo on Monday. I am hoping and praying this works out for me.
2. I won a contest at work and got free movie tickets. The best part is that I work with a bunch of dudes who live and breathe sports yet I’m the one who picked the most winning teams against the point spread. Ha!
3. I finally began sleeping better. The first three weeks after I started the anti-depressants I was sleeping horribly but now I’ve finally managed to get a few good nights’ sleep.

Things that are bad:
1. My realtor is kind of flaky and I wish I could find one I trusted that is willing to help me find a condo even though they won’t make a ton of money on it. SIGH.
2. Currently waging a mental battle with myself over whether or not I should stay friends with someone. I miss him but at the same time I want to punch him every time he opens his mouth. This is actually something I’ve been thinking about for months but is slowly reaching the point where I am ready to make a decision and get it over with.

I am super tired and need to shower. Shall I watch some Mad Men before I sleep? I could use some Don Draper….