condo condo

So, since I last wrote I have narrowed down my options. They are: 1) save up enough for the closing costs and down payment and a buy a house, which is extremely overwhelming to me because it’s just me and a couple of cats and I don’t really need a house, and 2) buy a condo. I know I said buying a condo is out of the question but I was offered a private mortgage. So I am going with option two! I think a house would be better long-term because I could possibly get married eventually and it would give me and my future hubby (who, in my mind, is tall and has a beard and big muscled thighs) a place to live, but as a 26-year-old single woman with cats who has no idea how to fix anything or do yard work, a condo is definitely a better idea, at least for now (and the next few years).

I’ve also narrowed down where I want to live. My bestie and another co-worker of mine live in a condo complex right across the street from work. I’ve been in both their condos and they are pretty nice. It’s also near three bus lines, which is handy for me because I don’t drive. And did I mention it’s right across the street from work? And a Wal-mart? How perfect is that? They’re also insanely cheap so even better!

Now it’s just a waiting game, I guess. I’ve come to the conclusion that I only want to live on the second floor for safety issues and also so I don’t have someone stomping around above me. My bestie keeps an eye out for foreclosure notices for me and there are two one bedroom condos in his building (ideally the one I want to live in since it’s quiet) with foreclosure notices on the doors. Both are on the ends of the building (one less neighbour to make noise! and extra windows!), which is even better. Now I just wait! And hope they’re in my price range! And then hope they accept my offer! THEN I HAVE A CONDO THAT IS PRETTY MUCH PERFECT FOR ME.

AHHHH! Nervous. And excited.

I called in sick today because I have a horrible stomach ache. My sister’s birthday party is tonight and hopefully I feel well enough to go (and not drink a lot like I had planned on. Oh well!).

Now! Back to bed!