life is hard.

Last Tuesday or Wednesday I decided I wanted to buy a condo.

After talking to two banks and two realtors later, this is pretty much impossible.

Okay, not IMPOSSIBLE. But close!

The problem with condos is that they are (mostly) all under $50k. A bank won’t really lend me under that amount. So a condo is pretty much out of the question unless I hit Megabucks. So I looked at a house (that I loved) and could very much afford but realized that I can’t afford the closing costs and down payment. So unless I get some down payment and closing cost assistance (or save the money myself, which will take at least a year), no condo or house for me.

On my next day off I intend to call a few organizations that offer that kind of assistance. If that doesn’t work out, then I’m going to start looking for a second job. If I saved about $800 a month (that’s $600 from a minimum wage part-time job and $200 from my current full-time job) I could have about $10k saved up in a year. That gives me enough for closing costs and down payment on a $50k house, AND enough for appliances and furniture.

I just really, really need to move out. I really don’t want to work two jobs (I did it for about six months and it was pretty hard) but I REALLY want a place of my own (and renting is out of the question because owning is cheaper than renting) so I think I just NEED to do this.

Wish me luck! (Or if you’re a rich guy looking for a sugarbaby, hi! I have big boobs! Give me money for a house!)

My arms were numb when I woke up from my nap this afternoon. Yep.

So I’ve been doing okay with this exercise thing. A sports bra was definitely a good purchase because it keeps the girls in place AND the straps don’t fall down. I love that. I also invested in some more yoga pants. I figure even if I give up this exercising thing, yoga pants are goddamn comfortable. I’m wearing some right now, so there! Another good investment: a floppy straw hat. My friend calls me Joan Crawford while I wear it because I wear it with my old lady/movie star sunglasses. But it definitely helped keep the sun off my face and out of my eyes today while we hiked.

I’m kinda tired. I’ve been hiking every Tuesday with a friend of mine from work and today we finally finished the trail. The first time we ended up on a hard trail and that was a HUGE mistake. I thought I was going to die. The second time we were on the right trail for the first half, the wrong trail for the second half. The third time we found the right trail but I am a huge pussy and/or out of shape so we only finished half. But today? Last night I told myself I was going to finish the trail even if it killed me. AND I FINISHED IT. AND IT DID NOT KILL ME.

Other things I need to think about investing in: a lightweight long sleeve shirt. I wear a tank top because it is comfortable and cool but even with sunscreen I end up all freckled up. Plus, the sun is hot. Really, really hot.

Today is my day of and you know what I am going to do? The same thing I did last Tuesday: watch Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix for as long as I can stand it (which can be up to 10 episodes… I need a hobby) and NOTHING ELSE.