k-e-dollah sign-h-a

Not gonna lie, when Ke$ha’s song Tik Tok comes on my iPod shuffle when I’m exercising I totally start jamming to it.

I am doing pretty good with the exercising thing. I skipped yesterday (a lady friend on Facebook is a marathon runner and she skips a day to let her body repair/rest and I figure she knows wtf she’s doing and I can do the same) and on Sunday/Monday I didn’t really go out of my way to exercise but I did end up walking 1.5 miles each day, so I think that counts, right? RIGHT?!

It’s super windy out and I got crap in my eyes and now I have the sniffles.

Today was… well. It started out with a trip to urgent care and I ended up crying in the bathroom because I was so frustrated that 1) I peed all over my hand while trying to give a urine sample and 2) I was uncomfortable and cranky and worried. But then a friend took me out for sushi and to Big Lots and I took a super sweet nap (it was shorter than usual and I didn’t wake up super groggy) and it got much better.

Time to play worgen!

*heart races*

So! The new shoes my sister got me for exercising? SO GOOD. They are New Balance and don’t make my shins feel like they are going to explode/fall off. My feet hurt a little bit but I think I walk funny. And I am too used to wearing crappy Payless shoes that my feet are probably in shock from wearing a decent pair.

Anyway, I’m trying to get back on my exercise schedule thing. At first it was just 15 minutes of walking/jogging but I uploaded 35 minutes of music onto my iPod shuffle and figured if I did at least 5 songs, that would be 15 minutes and I’d be good. But I did all the songs! Plus about one more! GOD I AM SO AWESOME. SOON I WILL BE HOT AND THIN AND DATE A TALL BASEBALL PLAYER WITH A NICELY TRIMMED BEARD AND MUSCULAR ARMS. (I just discovered I have a crush on Tampa Bay Rays catcher Kelly Shoppach, fyi).

Next up: SPORTS BRA. I’m super fat and out of shape so I can’t really do more than like, 30 seconds of jogging before my knees want to give out, but I think once I start getting more in shape I will invest in a decent sports bra. Can’t have these D cup boobers flying everywhere, can I?!

Now… I am tired.

dollah billz

“Dollah Billz, Y’all” is what I tried to name my new ING savings account but it wouldn’t let me. So I had to go with “I AM RICH” instead.

Today is one of those days where I get up, get dressed, look around my disaster area of a room, and sigh. Then I decide that I need to get my shit straightened out and clean. But I am lazy so instead of putting my 4000 piles of laundry away, I decide to get my finances in order. The FNBO account will be for the cats (for emergency surgeries, etc) and the ING account is for me. I hope to get a car eventually and that can be for the down payment, or emergencies like if I lost my job, etc. What’s cool about the ING account is that my sister sent me a referral and I automatically get $25 into my account and she gets $10. Free money! I LOVE IT. I am working more hours than I’ve ever worked (sadly, at 26, this is my first full-time job) and making more per hour than I’ve ever made so I can definitely afford to put some money away. Sometimes I look at my checking account and I’m like “holy crap, I have that much money?!” and the sad thing is that it’s not even a lot. Just more than I am used to.

I’m also backing up shit onto my external hard drive. I try to do this every couple of months but it takes forever and I am impatient, but it’s time.

I kinda gave up on the whole exercising thing (I lasted longer than I thought I would, at least) because my legs would hurt so fucking bad 5 minutes into my walk/jog and it was just discouraging. Of course, wearing cheap Converse knockoffs doesn’t help, and I kept bugging my sister, who works for a shoe company, to find me a cheap pair of decent walking shoes. And guess what I came home to yesterday? A nice pair of turquoise New Balance walking shoes. In wide, too! I HAVE VERY FAT FEET! So now I have no excuse not to exercise. Except I can’t find my iPod Nano. Who had the idea to make those things SO FREAKIN’ SMALL?

…I guess I should go put laundry away. /whine


So even though I’m psyched Citibank saw my tweet and ended up getting me back into my account, I decided to transfer to another bank. Nothing personal against Citibank, but goddamn their interest rates suuuuuucckk. I decided to go with a First National Bank of Omaha because their online-only account was having a special promotion through Turbo Tax. 1.25% until September, then 1% after that. Citibank’s rate? 0.48%. Boo! And of course I couldn’t find a routing number to my Citibank account and I spent enough time calling them lately, so I had to transfer all the money to my bank account, then to the new savings account. But hey! More money for me! And I’ll put more money in it so I’ll gain even more interest. Yay money!

I reactivated my WoW account for the first time in three months. Blizzard gave me a week of free game time and I decided to use it. Why not, right? I finished watching Grey’s Anatomy and am feeling a bit lost among all my Netflix choices. And guess what! It’s just as boring as it was! What’s fun is playing my worgen druid with my bff, but is that enough to make me reactivate my account? Le sigh.

You know what sucks? Satin sheets. They seemed like a good idea and I am not sure why. They’re pretty and they feel nice but fuck, all I do is slide all over the bed. And the fitted sheet is about 20x too big for some reason so I can’t get it to stay on and it just wrinkles up. Point here is: don’t buy satin sheets. Or if you do, splurge on some good ones instead of the Walmart special I bought. At this point I am only keeping them on my bed because I am too lazy to change to another set.

I recently downloaded the latest Adele album after hearing so many good things about it. And it was perfect timing because the next day an event occurred that Adele just seems perfect for. Nothing huge or terrible, so relax, but damn, that was some good timing. And Adele? SHE IS AWESOME.

Time go to pout and stare at my Netflix queue of 300+ movies and sigh that I can’t find anything to watch.