Social networking is ftw

I haven’t been able to remember the password to my Citibank account for months now. I’ve been putting off calling customer service because 1) I am not a big fan of talking to people on the phone and 2) I HATE CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE. You have to call, press a billion numbers to get to the department you want, and then you usually sit on hold forever only to talk to someone that you can’t understand. (Totally not knocking Indian call centers here, I once read an article about women working in call centers and how the money makes them independent from their families, and I think that is totally awesome, but goddamn is it frustrating.)

SO! I called Citibank customer service. I don’t have my account number (electronic statements only) or ATM card (it’s a savings account! The whole point is to not spend money!). The woman tells me there’s nothing she can do and the phone call ends. Was I hung up on? Disconnected at a very convenient time? IT IS A MYSTERY.

So I was cranky. I don’t appreciate being hung up on. So I went to Twitter with my rage! I didn’t actually expect Citibank to see and respond to my tweet, but that’s what happened. And a nice lady called me today and is sending me a new ATM card and hopefully after that I will have a new password and can access my account and see if I’ve earned enough interest to file it on my tax return.

Point of this post: how cool is social networking/social media/whatever you want to call it? I tweet about Citibank sucking balls, they see it and want to fix it for me.

So, Citibank, I take back my ragey tweet and Facebook post. Thanks for being cool and trying to fix this for me. I had big plans to take out all the money and transfer it to a totally different bank but now I won’t! Maybe. We’ll see. I still am cranky that I have to jump through hoops to access my account but I do appreciate the effort to try and fix things.

In other news: I NEED TO CLEAN. ASAP.

it burnssss

Between my friend Mike harassing me about reading the book Fit or Fat and my desire to be hot and thin (and also to fit in airplane seats without needing a seat belt extender), I have decided to start exercising. Which I just did. For 15 minutes.

AND I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING TO DIE. Besides feeling pretty good about myself.

Here is what I have learned from my 15 minutes of exercise:

1. Sports bra? NONSENSE. I strapped on two bras and these babies aren’t going anywhere.
2. I should probably stretch. Oops? I was just so excited about the songs I picked out to put on my iPod shuffle (Thriller/Heads Will Roll from Glee! OMG!) that I forgot to stretch.
3. I’ve been suffering from allergies lately and that plus breathing in cold air makes my throat itchy. REALLY ITCHY. I CAN’T STOP COUGHING.

Here’s the best part about tonight: I jogged. That’s not even REALLY the best part! I WANTED TO JOG! I had my headphones in and the Glee version of Baby was playing and I was just like *woosh*. I’m super fat and reallllly painfully out of shape so it’s not like I jogged for long, but hey! I jogged! HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME AM I?

These yoga pants make me look bootylicious.