I won! I wrote a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Well, actually, I wrote a 51,000 word novel. But now I’m just bragging!


It’s November! You know what that means? It’s National Novel Writing Month!

I decided back in September that I was going to attempt to do this again. I tried it once a few years ago and got about one day’s worth of writing done before I gave up. Okay, not gave up exactly, but I ended up getting sick and getting behind. It’s really hard to get caught up when you’re behind on the second day.

Will I finish my novel this time around? It is a mystery. Am I farther along than I was last time? Oh yes.

Here are my NaNoWriMo stats as of today:

Title: Untitled
Genre: Fantasy romance
Word count: 15,188
Average words per day: 1380.72
Percent done: 30%
Days left: 19
Words left: 34,812
Lowest number written on a single day: 0
Highest number written on a single day: 3,490

Am I behind? Yes. Can I conceivably get caught up and finish? Yes. At this rate I will have to write about 1,800 words every day in order to finish. I was a bad girl and skipped about three days but somehow managed to do almost 3,500 words in a single day, which really helped. Is my book terrible? Yes. The idea of NaNoWriMo is quantity over quality and I try to remember that when I have the urge to go back and change things that don’t make sense. But when I’m trying to write 2k words a day I just tell myself that I can change it when I’m done and to shut up and write even if it conflicts with something I’ve written previously. I am really good at squashing my inner editor!

In other news, I just ate Taco Bell. It was good.