my uterus tried to jump out of my body

Reason #49299 I should not have kids: my two year old neighbor came over and bumped his head on the table and started wailing. After making sure he was okay, my first thought was “omg, drama queen”. My second was “WALK IT OFF, KID”.

I should really just get my tubes tied.

things I wish no. 299

I have pretty decent hair. It’s shiny and soft and feels nice. But I reallllly wish I didn’t have to wash it every day. Everyone tells me that if I start skipping washes my hair will stop being so greasy between washes EVENTUALLY, but it never does. I shampooed every other day for about three years and it didn’t do shit for me. 🙁 If I was to go every two days it’d just be gross.


advice plz

I’ve been debating getting a small tattoo on the inside of my wrist. It will be in a spot where I will be able to cover it up with a watch or bracelet for work. Thing is, am I going to get tired of covering it up 5 days a week? Those who cover their tattoos for professional reasons, plz advise.