i am a big, big baby.

You know what is surprisingly boring? NOT HAVING A JOB. You’d think I’d use the time wisely, like cleaning my room and doing laundry, but instead I mostly just throw myself face down in bed and sulk.

true blood

I have started to read the Sookie Stackhouse books, the ones the show True Blood are based on. I do love me some True Blood (minus that twatface Sookie, MAN DO I HATE HER) but these books…. well. WELL.

They are all the same. Well, the first three are the same. Sookie and Bill bone. Eric tells Sookie how much he wants to bone her too. Bill does something dumb and they break up. Sookie gets beat up by someone new every chapter.

I am sure I will keep reading them because I have nothing better to do and because I am delusional and will hope that something different/exciting happens.

Off to watch Bones, where there is not one character I hate so far. *spits on Sookie Stackhouse*