Lately I have done the following:

1. Gone on vacation to San Francisco where I broke up with my boyfriend and touched a manta ray. Only, you know, not at the exact same time.
2. I did not turn on my computer or play World of Warcraft for exactly a week.
3. Almost threw an epic hissy fit during a meeting at work (for legitimate reasons, not something like “wah wah I don’t want to work on Fridays”)
4. Watched the first season of Bones.

My life is so thrilling, confirm/deny?

re: puking

I did indeed end up puking. Next time I am going to just make myself barf instead of spending 8 hours rolling around in bed wanting to die.

I dunno if it was something I ate or a bug (I did have a fever the next day so maybe a virus or something?) but either way I won’t be eating anything involving rice or enchiladas anytime soon. *rubs tummy*