now hiring

My boss decided to quit out of the blue! The week everyone starts taking their vacations! It’s not like he left us totally helpless. He DID call the district manager to let her know we’ll be short staffed, so it’s not up to us to scramble around to find people to cover shifts. He was awesome enough to schedule me during the day, which means I got all overtime today (since I worked last night) and will get overtime on Sunday, since six days equals overtime. I’ll be gone nine days on vacation so the more money I make up for the days I won’t be getting paid, the better.

I just woke up from a two hour nap. I love naps but I hate the grogginess upon waking part. Hmph.

two weeks

I go to San Francisco in two weeks! I bought a new bag because cross-body bags are infinitely more comfortable than regular purses.

Pete is currently sitting on top of my computer, sniffing my knee. It tickles.



I have a case of the sniffles. Spring has arrived here in Las Vegas and the blooming plants combined with the crazy wind we’ve had in the past few days equals allergies for me. *dabs nose with tissue*

*punches someone*

I play World of Warcraft. This game has introduced me to many awesome people (my ~*~boyfriend~*~ being one) and a few COMPLETE AND UTTER JACKASSES. One guy knows I am looking for a job and each and every time I talk to him he either berates me for not having found a job yet (“You’re not trying hard enough!”) or gives me terrible advice (“Las Vegas isn’t really known for being a medical capital. You should move! You should go backpacking with a friend and find a job!”) Then he tells me to go around to medical offices and see if I can do medical transcription work for free, since I have little experience and most jobs require 2+ years. Yes, this is not a bad idea, but when I don’t have a job in a few months (the video store I work at? Yeah, that company isn’t doing so well.) I will need a PAYING job. WHATEVER. WHATEVER, BUDDY. Just because you’re secure in your boring job with your boring wife and your boring kids doesn’t mean you can pick on me because I’m YOUNG! That’s probably not it but that’s all I have going for me right now.

And don’t even get me started on the group that accused me of being a ninja for needing on items I COULD ACTUALLY USE. I even waited to make sure no one else wanted it first (I tend to be a pushover and pass on items I need if someone else wants them) but nooo, being nice just gets me a bunch of jerky comments.

But seriously, the first guy? What makes him think it’s okay to be a jackass like that? Actually, he probably doesn’t even realize he’s being a jackass. Maybe I should point it out to him…