whistle while you work

There are things in life I do not understand. They are:

1. I work at a video store. Constantly people come into the store, ask if we have a movie, and then expect us to go get it for them. Why do people do this? They wouldn’t go into Walmart, ask what aisle the soap is on, and then go “Hey, great, can I get 5 bars of Dove? Thanks!” …or would they?

2. Why are people against gay marriage? Most people point to the Bible as their proof against gay marriage, but the bible is full of poop. I AM SORRY, BUT IT IS TRUE. Sure, it says gay marriage is against the rules, but it also says eating seafood is bad, as well as trimming your hair/beard. Why pick the anti-gay stuff and ignore the rest?

3. Animal abuse.

4. There is a person or two that I am acquainted with and they are the brattiest, snottiest, douchiest motherfuckers I have ever come across. I just can’t wrap my mind around how people can possibly be that awful.

Sigh. SIGH.

Defying Gravity

I just got tickets to see Wicked in San Francisco! I heard Defying Gravity for the first time on Glee (I am totally a gleek) and got the soundtrack and I LOVE IT. And now since I am going to San Francisco in April with my boyfriend, I have the chance to see it! Only, why does Ticketmaster feel the need to tack on almost $20 in fees? I got the cheap seats because I am poor but with the fees added on it’s like I didn’t save money at all.

I am a nerd with nerd glasses.

I got my new glasses today. I got a couple pairs because I wasn’t sure if I’d like the frames. Because, you know, when you order stuff online you can’t try it on. So two regular pairs, a backup pair, and a pair of sunglasses all came in the last two days. And you know what? I think I like my nerdy backup pair the most. I had to adjust the frame a bit because my face is crooked (seriously, every pair I’ve ever had has been crooked on me) but they don’t look as bad on me as I imagined they would. And I love how cheap they are. The most I paid for a pair was $15. I love the Internet.

What is this I don’t even

It only took me ages to find a WordPress theme I liked, you know. Everything was too fancy and had links all over and what do I need all that for? It has been ages since I sat down and messed around with this website and HTML and all that fun stuff, so it took me forever just to change this stylesheet around! I wish I was as cool as I used to be.